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Captives against our wills, have we been brought amongst you; and we ask but permission to depart to our own in peace.
To you, whose lot it is to sow that others may reap, to labor and obey, and ask no more than the wages of a beast of burden, the food and shelter to keep you alive from day to day.
But, to speak practically and as a citizen, unlike those who call themselves no-government men, I ask for, not at one no government, but at once a better government.
If I know William -- and I THINK I do -- he -- well, I'll jest ask him.
Tom reckoned the best way would be to go and ask him.
At this moment I re- solved, for the first time, to go to my master, enter a complaint, and ask his protection.
But if you want to shew him any attention, my dear, ask him to come and dine with us some day.
I will never come to see you when I am grown up; and if any one asks me how I liked you, and how you treated me, I will say the very thought of you makes me sick, and that you treated me with miserable cruelty.
Say you have done them when he asks you," suggested Magdalen.
He moves more; he is beginning to revive, and to speak intelligibly; he thinks they are still together; he asks him, by his name, what he has in his hand.
Larkins, who asks me how my schoolfellows are, which he needn't do, as I have not come there to be insulted.
Asks another question of the subordinate before his first is dry