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At this instant there came into court two old men, one carrying a cane by way of a walking-stick, and the one who had no stick said, "Senor, some time ago I lent this good man ten gold-crowns in gold to gratify him and do him a service, on the condition that he was to return them to me whenever I should ask for them.
I don't ask after your health," said the old gentleman; "your eyes answer me, my dear lady, before I can put the question.
Don't ask for a minute or two," the Inspector interrupted.
You are a philosopher, Thrasymachus, I replied, and well know that if you ask a person what numbers make up twelve, taking care to prohibit him whom you ask from answering twice six, or three times four, or six times two, or four times three,
Amy protested that she would not go, and Meg left her in despair to ask Hannah what should be done.
However, I shall ask my friend, who is in business here, about this Val Jacinto, and if I find him all right we may engage him "
I don't ask you what you owe, because you don't know; and if you did know, you wouldn't tell me; you would say less.
de Treville, or whether he should only ask him to give him CARTE BLANCHE for some secret affair.
I swear to you, you shall receive the consolation that you ask.
May I ask who it is who has turned up so unexpectedly?
I am going to the Great Oz to ask him to give me some," remarked the Scarecrow, "for my head is stuffed with straw.
Then ask him, to begin with," resumed the Scarecrow, turning to Jellia, "what brought him to the Emerald City"