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The frontal aslant tract underlies speech fluency in persistent developmental stuttering.
Logues loyalty is to the truth of the characters' emotions, but the poetry is fitted to contemporary English from its opening lines: "Picture the east Aegean sea by night, / And on a beach aslant its shimmering / Upwards of 50,000 men / Asleep like spoons beside their lethal Fleet.
Seen frontally, the impression conveyed is of an array of identical longitudinal components composing a rectangular or orthogonal unit, but it is sufficient for the gaze to deflect even slightly for the serried ranks to disclose another geometrical pattern "enciphered" therein (figure 6b), an optical conundrum achieved by the simplest of means: for viewing a given configuration aslant reveals another symmetry, a different figure in the vertically positioned "carpet" (an allusion that will appear less of a conceit when we recall that this is the term frequently used to describe Carl Andre's floor pieces).
We found a black leather patch at the drugstore, and wearing that jaunty accessory, propped on the gnarled Tyrolean walking-stick I'd given him, with an Irish wool cap tugged aslant to cover his baldness, he projected a rakish style.
In A World of Love, late modernist refunctioning takes place aslant the conventions of the picturesque.
Also in some cases masters used wedge bricks and bricks with splay butt-end, where the upper flat surface of the brick is shorter than the lower flat surface and one of the headers was cut aslant.
It's jauntily aslant in relation to the north-south orientation of the larger frame of Orion's body.
Mark's in the Bowery, an Episcopal church which sits aslant in the old Dutch graveyard off Third Avenue at Ninth Street in New York City.
The dark experience appears transfigured, viewed aslant, illuminating his characters' lives by memory, both their own and others who survived the pit of despair or lived on as ghostly prisoners of their past.
We consider the main and very important factors such as: 1--The entrance's angle of cutting brush blade on the pencil 2--The blade's aslant ratio to the horizontal motion of it
For the entrance the architect eliminated the corner of a square positioned aslant in the plan: "In sacral premises the most important aspect is their relationship to the sky.
WORCESTER -- They've been knocked aslant by wayward cars, snapped by falling trees, targeted by pellet gun snipers and periodically marked for extinction by forward-looking mayors and city managers since the 1950s.