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He also devotes a chapter to the efforts of a "self-conscious community of southern women writers" to "imagine their traditions and identity aslant to (or quite separate from) the officially imagined South" (78).
White bosomed as her cliffs; & turning go Wherer (15) these strangers think her skies are full Upon the sucking babies who look up From the milk fountain to the path of stars Which shine aslant it true & tenderly
Frank Bridge's There is a Willow Grows Aslant a Brook, a fine little example of pastoral expressionism featuring outstandingly delicate interplay between oboe and violins, preceded another tour de force in a gritty yet sensitive reading of Vaughan Williams' Symphony no.
Aslant in the next bed but one there lay a seventy-year-old who was being taught how to swallow.
Fittingly for the novel's aslant approach to the world, Charlie's death doesn't bring the narrative to an end, nor does it exhaust the book's themes.
For a long moment the dim light falls aslant the familiar dimensions of the couch upon which you napped not long ago, or the bedside table that was invisible a moment before, a time impossible to calculate.
Hoffmann's world--airy, slightly aslant, transformed by a hint of magic or imagination or belief--is akin to those painted visions of Chagall or perhaps even Soutine or Kokoschka.
Fitted onto an elliptical site set aslant the older building, it presents a smoothly curving and impassive posterior to the Museumplein.
and his peace at finding her again near him mingled all night with some intimate sense of the distant forest, the rumour of its breezes, with the glossy blackbirds aslant and the branches lifted in them, and of the perfect nicety of the little cups that fell.
In Titus Andronicus, classical references may be rhetorically apt but they do not illuminate the speakers; in Julius Caesar, on the other hand, Cassius's askew and aslant reinvention of Aeneas compels reflection on the speaker's intentions and motives.