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At the close of the essay, he concludes that the only way to confront "the terrible circumstances of our time" (279) is to look at them aslant. We must "not succumb to History's most malign and subtle trick, which is to fix and fascinate the mind of men with the pride of their foreknowledge of doom.
27 Aslant Kursad, "US Foreign policy Towards Central Asia" Institutions Matter Allacademic Research (2007): 3-4.
In my sleep, I dream always of an old woman on her toes, her hands raised high above her head, wrists aslant, almost broken.
That's one reason I was interested in Omette [Coleman], He was playing aslant and against things, and with that plastic alto sax, people could not reproduce his sound.
Aslant, you appear in relief but feel yourself moving out of the old female sleep.
Now she stands musing on the beach, leg locked, pelvis aslant, thumb and forefinger propped along the iliac crest and lightly, propped lightly as an athlete.
The wind loads of the flat and aslant platforms all increase from 0[degrees] to 45[degrees] wind direction and decrease from 45[degrees] to 90[degrees] wind direction.
Coates's essay on "Virginia Woolf's Queer Time and Place: Wartime London and a World Aslant" aptly closes the collection.
(2014) showed that OCD patients have a significant white matter increase in the corpus callosum, cingulum bundle, right anterior thalamic radiation and left arcuate fasciculus, along with decreases in the right superior longitudinal fasciculus, cortico-spinal tract, frontal aslant tract and anterior body of the corpus callosum.
For his part, Abdullah bin Fahd Al-Hussain, President of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), who is also President of the 4th News Agencies World Congress, expressed happiness to attend this meeting, expressing thanks to the President of Azerbaijan for his patronage of this event and the Director General of Azeri news Agency (AZERTAC) Aslant Aslanov for a good organization and warm hospitality.
The frontal aslant tract underlies speech fluency in persistent developmental stuttering.
Logues loyalty is to the truth of the characters' emotions, but the poetry is fitted to contemporary English from its opening lines: "Picture the east Aegean sea by night, / And on a beach aslant its shimmering / Upwards of 50,000 men / Asleep like spoons beside their lethal Fleet."