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That's so cheap you worry that Underwriters Laboratories may be asleep at the switch.
It looks likes someone must have fallen asleep at the switch.
If you're too scared or asleep at the switch, it just makes it easier for your competitors.
Even if government regulators were asleep at the switch, it is difficult to believe that all of the many financial institutions that handled Madoff's money were oblivious to what this fraudster was doing.
Apparently the lady in the satellite who bosses me around and tells me to turn left or right was asleep at the switch.
I went from asleep at the switch to back on the trail thanks to this option.
There was a gathering storm and lots of people were asleep at the switch, except seemingly a former top diplomat James Bartleman.
Proof that ATC is sometimes asleep at the switch came when I was heading home in a borrowed Cessna 172 from the Mid-Atlantic back to northern New England.
During the last 10-plus years, I have lost count of the number of dollars I have received due to class-action lawsuits, won in large part because the board was asleep at the switch and allowed mismanagement or fraud to go on.
Hitting hard at the Prime Minister, she said: "The Harper government was asleep at the switch, allowing the legislation infringing on women's rights - even legalizing marital rape - to pass through the Afghan parliament, without comment, not even noticing until it was too late.
These belied his "popular image" as an unimaginative duffer who dismissed space exploration as mere theatrics and fell asleep at the switch while the Russians rocketed ahead.
We have been asleep at the switch -- not just some regulatory agencies but some of the congressional committees," Obama said at a press conference in Chicago, blaming "a White House that started with the premise that deregulation was always good.