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If there is something positive about the current situation, it is the re-politicization of the Austrian public and the palpable rejection of a racist, sexist, and asocial politics.
In her short story collection The Embroidered Shoes, Can Xue fuses the absurd with the depressed, the political with the asocial, the beautiful with the disgusting, the magical with the willed.
ASOCIAL worker who used a hidden camera to film up women's skirts has been struck off the register.
ASOCIAL club was ordered to pay fines and costs of almost pounds 2,000 yesterday after magistrates heard that brand name spirits on sale to customers were not the real thing.
ASOCIAL worker has resigned over the death of five-month-old Alisha Allen, council bosses confirmed yesterday.
ASOCIAL worker who suffered a heart attack after becoming stressed at work has received pounds 175,000 in compensation.
ASOCIAL housing group has started work on building 40 homes as part of the regeneration of a South Tyneside community.
The PC, sans Net, is a lonely, asocial convenience box, nothing but a complex calculator.
Accusations of masturbator or freak stick to anyone who actually finds pleasure a solitary occupation, but when such pleasure is combined with a love of illicit substances - cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, booze - its asocial not-niceness should be taken as a lesson in self-reliance.
If rave and rock culture are about creating some sort of community in the face of atomization, isolationism, with its fetish for asocial spaces, is a renunciation of that wishful solidarity.
If misery loves company, Landers might be consoled by his art's part in a larger esthetic and cultural tendency that wears its asocial attitudes and nonintellectual dispositions, its paranoia and its delusions of grandeur, its adolescent tendencies and its obsessional leanings, on its sleeve.
ASOCIAL enterprise with children and professionals in mind is poised to launch in the heart of Low Fell, and is seeking support from the community.

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