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Master Gookin's aspect, as he opened the door, was doubtful and troubled.
His pipe was still alight; the star still flamed upon his breast; the embroidery still glowed upon his garments; nor had he lost, in any degree or manner that could be estimated, the aspect that assimilated him with our mortal brotherhood.
With these materials, and with deeds of goodly aspect, done in the public eye, an individual of this class builds up, as it were, a tall and stately edifice, which, in the view of other people, and ultimately in his own view, is no other than the man's character, or the man himself.
And allowing that, many, many years ago, in his early and reckless youth, he had committed some one wrong act,--or that, even now, the inevitable force of circumstances should occasionally make him do one questionable deed among a thousand praiseworthy, or, at least, blameless ones,--would you characterize the Judge by that one necessary deed, and that half-forgotten act, and let it overshadow the fair aspect of a lifetime?
"He shall see love enough in mine, if that be all!" said the Judge, with well-grounded confidence in the benignity of his aspect. "But, Cousin Hepzibah, you confess a great deal, and very much to the purpose.
It was a man in an old-fashioned dress of black serge and having the aspect of a steward or principal domestic in the household of a nobleman or great English landholder.
Next came a portly gentleman, wearing a coat of shaggy cloth, lined with silken velvet; he had sense, shrewdness, and humor in his face, and a folio volume under his arm; but his aspect was that of a man vexed and tormented beyond all patience, and harassed almost to death.
These companies have unique requirements for deployability and migration, driven by security, privacy, regulatory and other internal factors, said Michael Harris, Chief Marketing Officer of Aspect. A cookie-cutter approach simply does not work for these companies.
Linguists present novel empirical data and propose original semantic analyses on items marking grammatical aspect (understood in the broad sense).
In connection with the closing, Patrick Dennis, operating executive at Vector Capital, has been named president and chief executive officer of Aspect, and Chris DeBiase has been named chief financial officer.
Telarus's partnerships with 4,500 subagents - smaller technology consultants and providers who have deep relationships with their customers - will increase Aspect's opportunity pipeline and help the company build senior-level executive connections with end-customers.
Researchers will now have the ability to upgrade standard preclinical research MRIs with a cost-effective PET insert, as well as the option of using SimPET in the Aspect M7 magnet.