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And allowing that, many, many years ago, in his early and reckless youth, he had committed some one wrong act,--or that, even now, the inevitable force of circumstances should occasionally make him do one questionable deed among a thousand praiseworthy, or, at least, blameless ones,--would you characterize the Judge by that one necessary deed, and that half-forgotten act, and let it overshadow the fair aspect of a lifetime?
said the Judge, with well-grounded confidence in the benignity of his aspect.
It was a man in an old-fashioned dress of black serge and having the aspect of a steward or principal domestic in the household of a nobleman or great English landholder.
Next came a portly gentleman, wearing a coat of shaggy cloth, lined with silken velvet; he had sense, shrewdness, and humor in his face, and a folio volume under his arm; but his aspect was that of a man vexed and tormented beyond all patience, and harassed almost to death.
Tire aspect ratio is defined as tire section height divided by section width (figure 1).
Aspect is finalizing its proxy statement for distribution to shareholders, and the companies anticipate the deal will close in September.
At that point, we decided to begin at the other end of the continuum, as it were, and attempted to assess a more "global" aspect of teaching, apart from any a priori specifics.
The source of "high importance" assigned to the aspect "length of training," for example, may stem from a preference for an intermediate (e.
While the criminal aspects of the case were being completed, the IRS suspended its civil,, investigation and allowed the limitations period for T's 1984-1987 tax years to expire.
Aspect HD, when combined with Adobe Premiere on today's Intel Pentium 4 PCs is the first and only way to edit high-definition video in real time at a price that is within reach for today's professional videographers.