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Totally, six models in each aspect ratio which include one bare frame and 5 outriggers systems are used for the analysis and the corresponding results in the form of drift and lateral displacement are observed in both x and y directions.
Series of experiments were also conducted to figure out the effects of picking-up speed and immersion depth on the diameter, aspect ratio and consuming time.
The morphological characteristics of seed length, width, rectangular aspect ratio, major axis length, minor axis length and aspect ratio were obtained by the extraction of processed image in LabVIEW environment of the acquired weedy rice seeds variants images.
The effective aspect ratio for the approximated structure shown in Figure 4(a) is calculated using the following equation:
Summary of the air change rate ACH of the building cluster with different aspect ratio m and incoming wind speed, under wind-driven flows only.
The drastic increase in the strength and stiffness properties is due to the presence of talc particles of very high stiffness, aspect ratio, surface area, surface free energy, and their ability to orient along the melt flow direction during injection molding in the PA6 matrix.
It becomes more evident why the handle aspect ratio is important--if the handle is very "wide" a large blow-up ratio will result.
Because many of the tall, narrow runner systems have an aspect ratio of 2:1 or greater, the first orientation investigated was that of a runner with an almost 3:1 aspect ratio (Fig.
Tire aspect ratio is defined as tire section height divided by section width (figure 1).
NEW ORLEANS -- The difference between ruptured and unruptured intracranial aneurysms may not be their size, but aneurysm aspect ratio, morphology, and location, a new study suggests.