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Recalling the quest for the final channel, Asper says, "We stayed out of sight in London, in low-rent hotels, so our presence wouldn't be known until the deadline for filing.
Where Israel was concerned, according to Newman, Asper would not--or could not--recognize any acceptable middle ground.
So when the Aspers lay down the law about pre-digested editorials and no criticism of Liberals and Israel, they are just a little more brazen about their prejudices than other media.
The new entity will also retain Charles Asper, founder of the original Aspiration Software Inc.
And somebody else will pipe up - 'Hey, that's me, coach,' " Asper said.
It'll be a different monster, that's for sure," Asper says.
I had a faceless opponent that I prepared against," Asper joked.
BugWorld, at the Albert Dock, is the only insectarium in the country, and experts were immediately able to identify it as the Morimus Asper beetle.
In fact, last March ,David Asper, in an opinion piece which he requested all of Can West's papers and the Post to run, said: "The media's coverage of the accusations against the Prime Minister has crossed a line that delineates solid investigative reporting from adjective-driven innuendo.
WHAT: The Asper Award recognizes leaders who have demonstrated outstanding success in the global marketplace through creative marketing and business strategies, exemplary corporate citizenship and by creating partnerships across geographic and cultural boundaries.
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