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94) Given the nature of land use regulation, the Court reasoned that incorporating bright line rules from its physical takings jurisprudence and treating all land use regulations asperse takings "would transform government regulation into a luxury few governments could afford.
Belittle his efforts, asperse his conduct, insult his memory; but pause then to tell us who was capable.
This troubling is made unintentionally and revealingly acute by Cooper's having taken the trouble to half-coin 'tropic' from a sense of 'tropical' (OED, 1992, 4: 'pertaining to, involving, or of the nature of a trope or tropes; metaphorical; figurative'), only to use it to asperse the poet's struggle and poems with a barely-critical sleight of hand.
to fall back or rather to creep back so poorly as it seems the multitude would to thir once abjur'd and detested thraldom of Kingship, to be our selves the slanderers of our own just and religious deeds, though don by som to covetous and ambitious ends, yet not therefore to be staind with their infamie, or they to asperse the integritie of others, and yet these now by revolting from the conscience of deeds welldon both in church and state, to throw away and forsake, or rather to betray a just and noble cause .
I don't want to asperse, but Ronald McDonald sounds like he's under the influence of something more than fresh country air.
Effects of Bt-maize material on the life cycle of the land snail Cantareus asperses.