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Rajpal, Sub-Inspector, of Gurgaon's Sector 29 Police Station, cast aspersions on the character of the victim with the words "woh bhii aisii hii thii".
Our martyrs are our real heroes and those who are casting aspersions on their sacrifices should be exposed and disowned," he said in a statement here on Wednesday.
Rather than casting aspersions, Richard Huddleston would do better to engage with the scientific arguments, something his letter singularly fails to do.
Instead of casting personal aspersions, political parties should focus on core issues confronting ordinary Indians.
The Sikhs will react strongly to these developments and the Congress must be prepared for another barrage of criticism and aspersions cast on their competencies.
The United boss could face a charge if it is viewed that he is casting aspersions about match officials' fairness.
They have been casting aspersions on my point that life is so much better in Stockton than the socialist republic of Middlesbrough.
com Please don't cast aspersions Dear Sir, Gulf Times Gulf Times I was a little annoyed after reading Dinesh Govind's letter, "Negative remarks" (, September 15).
Mann, despite the best efforts of Noel Fehily, Andy Stone and Trevor King in his four-man team, finished last and the trainer was casting aspersions about Magnusson, saying through gritted teeth: "I'm expecting to see him on the pro tour shortly
Earlier Wednesday, Michael's former chef, Kai Chase said that she was shocked by Paris' deposition casting aspersions on the nanny, as Paris was very close to Rwaramba when she was younger.
He said: "To cast aspersions on same-sex couples' ability to provide safety and security is profoundly irresponsible.
Sadly a very small group of individuals who have their own agenda have been throwing stones and casting totally unfounded aspersions in the direction of Garth Celyn and the trust.