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Even the infants dying in a potentially asphyxia-generating situation had an underlying brainstem abnormality that likely made them vulnerable to sudden death if there was any degree of asphyxia," Kinney says.
Dr Crane said he based his verdict of positional asphyxia on the facts that Mr Powell did not have a high body temperature and had not sweated, had no sickling in his lungs, was not dehydrated and had shown no signs of muscle damage or myoglobin in his urine and kidneys.
One of the reversible reasons of intrauterine as well as postnatal paroxysmal tachycardia can be asphyxia and adnate infection.
An initial post-mortem examination conducted by a Home Office paediatric pathologist proved inconclusive but further tests found the cause of death was asphyxia.
These are tracings that we traditionally called nonreassuring," yet 98% of fetuses with this pattern will be free of asphyxia and 99% will have no morbidities, he noted.
Asphyxia secondary to upper airway obstruction when the mass is regurgitated is a well-described cause of sudden death.
Two pathology professors with the University of Texas Health Science Center review the most frequently encountered causes of natural death and outline the characteristics that help determine blunt force injury, gunshot wounds, asphyxia, infant murder, fire injuries, transportation deaths, and electrocution.
After the initial euphoria, too much of the gas would anaesthetise him and asphyxia would ensue.
The main causes of injuries were: being run over by agricultural machinery as a bystander (29%), as an extra rider who fell from the machine (22%), or asphyxia due to drowning (23%).
Examples of the causes of deaths occurring during police intervention included excited delirium, positional asphyxia, and cardiac arrest.
For example, in autoerotic asphyxia, victims may use a rope around their necks to constrict their oxygen supply to increase pleasure while masturbating; although the rope is supposed to use a slipknot as a "self-rescue" mechanism, death can occur if that fails and the rope fails to loosen.
Doctors know a lack of oxygen to a baby's brain during childbirth ( known as prenatal asphyxia ( can lead to permanent brain damage and even death.