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In some cases in this series, review of the aspirate confirmed that an aspirate that was not categorized as having features of papillary carcinoma indeed had such features when they were specifically sought.
The uniqueness, ease of use and clinical advantages open up the autologous orthobiologic market to many specialty physicians, such as Podiatrists, who currently do not utilize autologous bone marrow aspirate concentrate.
The current study was designed to evaluate the role of s-TREM-1 concentrations measured in samples of endotracheal aspirates from critically ill intubated patients as a marker of inflammation or pneumonia, and to correlate these with the CPIS determined at the same time as the endotracheal aspirates were obtained.
One study investigated the use of visual inspection of feeding tube aspirates in identifying feeding tube location in the respiratory or GI tracts.
Each pass yields 2 slides - 1 air dried for DiffQuik staining (cytoplasmic stain) and 1 spray fixed for Papanicolaou staining (nuclear stain), therefore the average aspirate should always yield 4 slides
Aspirate culture results were compared with sputum culture results if the patient also had a sputum culture performed within 2 weeks of the lymph node or pleural fluid culture.
Classifying aspirate appearance is a subjective activity, and the success of the classification likely depends on the experience of the clinician (Gharpure et al.
However in 1 case, in which the patient had a history of prostate cancer, the aspirate smears were consistent with a plasmacytoma.
Histologically, lymph node aspirates are characterized by the presence of small, pleomorphic, gram-negative, argyrophilic bacilli on Warthin-Starry staining.
RSV antigens were detected in the nasal aspirates of 7% of patients.
Diagnostic criteria of each disease are further emphasized and highlighted in a tabulated bulleted format, which makes them ideal for the quick read you may need during immediate evaluation of an aspirate.
In one study, ingestion of a soy protein isolate for 1 year stimulated nipple aspirate fluid volume in pre-menopausal women (Cancer Epidemiol.