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pH and concentrations of pepsin and trypsin in feeding tube aspirates as predictors of tube placement.
volume of aspirate observed during residual volume measurements
Researchers have also reported using various combinations of aspirate pH, appearance, bilirubin, trypsin, and/or pepsin concentration to predict distal tip position (Gharpure et.
7) 18 of 27 cases were diagnosed as pure neuritic leprosy based on cytology of nerve aspirate, but only three showed AFB positivity.
8220;The Bio-MAC Bone Marrow Aspiration Catheter makes marrow harvesting much easier for clinicians and increases access of bone marrow aspirate for the patients, while decreasing the complication and pain associated with other current bone marrow harvesting devices,” states Dr.
Aspirate culture results were compared with sputum culture results if the patient also had a sputum culture performed within 2 weeks of the lymph node or pleural fluid culture.
However in 1 case, in which the patient had a history of prostate cancer, the aspirate smears were consistent with a plasmacytoma.
stated that larva may be present in the vasculature and aspiration may lead to the rupture of vessel and release of microfilaria into the aspirate from neoplasm.
The discordance in the incidence of hMPV infection detected in bronchoalveolar lavages and nasopharyngeal aspirates raises the possibility that "hMPV infection during endemic seasons may be more common than is currently recognized and that it has been undetected because sampling from the lower respiratory tract is not possible on infants who do not require mechanical ventilation," Dr.
Histologically, lymph node aspirates are characterized by the presence of small, pleomorphic, gram-negative, argyrophilic bacilli on Warthin-Starry staining.
RSV antigens were detected in the nasal aspirates of 7% of patients.