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If only blood aspirated, remove needle, apply pressure for 1 mm, repeat aspirate using new needle and syringe; try smaller needle; if still bloody, try aspirating using no suction at all
Using a consistent intake presentation procedure starting with puree texture, "honey" consistency thickened liquids, "nectar" consistency thickened liquids, and thin liquids, the examination was terminated on the first level of intake aspirated secondary to risk for further aspiration on thinner substances.
Accordingly, the goals of this study were to compare the micromanipulation efficiency and the in vitro developmental potential of NT and parthenogenetic embryos produced from aspirated and flushed oocytes, and to evaluate whether aspirated from postovulatory ovarian follicles of superovulated rabbits (14 h post hCG injection) could be used directly as ooplasm recipients for SCNT.
Food products and other organic substances continue to be the objects most commonly aspirated into the airways of children.
Pink Sheets:CSBI) will expand the 2011 Shelby GT350 program to offer a normally aspirated version aimed at competition in Sports Car Club of America events and allow the street car to be ordered with an automatic transmission.
Pricing is cubic-inch appropriate at $99,426 MSRP for the naturally aspirated 426 version of the Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak and $109,354 MSRP for the 354 supercharged race car
2 sweepers aspirated with an option for a further 3 sweepers as the technical specifications.
Top speed is 158 mph for the naturally aspirated model, and 175 mph for the turbo.
We conducted a descriptive study of 524 patients who had been suspected of having aspirated a foreign body and who had been evaluated at one of two major hospitals in Jordan from January 1993 through December 2003.
An ultrasound-guided lung biopsy was performed, and mucoid material was aspirated.
The volume of fluid aspirated from gastric tubes ranged between 0 and 425 mL, while the volume aspirated from small bowel tubes ranged between 0 and 90 ml.