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It is only the latter that can be incorporated as the initial syllable of a superfoot and thus can be aspirated.
The LPWG series two-, three- and four-cylinder, naturally aspirated, spark ignition, gaseous-fueled versions of the well known Alpha diesel engine line is available for operation on natural gas and LPG.
The normally aspirated version of the GT350 was driven by consumer demand.
Keywords: voice onset time (VOT), aspirated stops, unaspirated stops, lag VOT
1) Aspirated foreign bodies may remain asymptomatic and undetected for a period of hours to years.
A definitive cytologic diagnosis of the FNABs performed under computed tomographic guidance depends on close cooperation between the radiologist performing the procedure and the cytopathologist performing on-site evaluation of the aspirated material.
Toyota initiated changes in engine design by announcing last month that it was going to discontinue producing turbo-charged engines to CART specs and concentrate on a normally aspirated design more suitable to the engines used in the rival Indy Racing League.
5 L, four-stroke, naturally aspirated, water-cooled engine, with a new power rating of 40.
The twin turbo inline six-cylinder (small turbos fill cylinders 1-3 and 4-6 to boost performance and cut lag), dispenses with the naturally aspirated engine's magnesium/aluminum bedplate construction (found in the 328i and all-wheel-drive 328 xi models) for an aluminum block with cast-iron cylinder liners to better handle the boost pressure.
The shatterproof 3-L glass or 4-L polypropylene bottles, as well as all other components that come in contact with the aspirated liquid, may be autoclaved.
He was taken to the operating room, where 8 ml of purulent material was aspirated and drained (figure 2).