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He did not recall how or when the TEP was dislodged; thus, it was unclear if he swallowed or aspirated it.
Prior to July 2007, patients with aspirated foreign bodies in the three northern regions (Northern, Upper East, and Upper West) of Ghana were referred to tertiary hospitals in the south, notably the Korle-Bu and Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospitals in Accra and Kumasi, respectively, for treatment due to nonavailability of the requisite expertise and equipment to manage these patients.
Bronchoscopic findings were conflicting, inspection revealed an endobronchial lesion, and EBUS sampling revealed cyst-like structure and aspirated material looked purulent.
Conclusion: Bone marrow aspirate slides prepared at the end of the procedure from EDTA preserved samples were not inferior to slides prepared directly from the aspirated sample.
Phonologically stops with long-lag VOT are called aspirated stops and those with short-lag VOT are called unaspirated stops.
The incidence in benign nodules that were aspirated and smaller than 1 cm (10 of 63; 15.8%) was not significantly different than the incidence in benign nodules larger than 1 cm (23 of 268; 8.6%; P = .08), and subsequently these cases were grouped together for further analysis.
VOT of aspirated stops was found longest, for voiced stops it was shortest, and ejectives had an intermediate VOT.
If pus is aspirated from the node, 1 - 2 drops only should be placed in the transport medium.
Extrapulmonary TB often is diagnosed by clinical findings, indirect measures (e.g., chemistry and cell count of cerebrospinal or pleural fluid, ultrasound of lymph nodes, or pericardial effusions), or smear microscopy for acid-fast bacilli from aspirated extrapulmonary fluid.
The issue is that at full throttle at sea level, the actual upper deck pressure that the normally aspirated 10-550 sees installed is actually slightly less than ambient pressure due to a small pressure drop through the airbox, air filter and induction plumbing before the throttle butterfly.
Of the 2,000 patients evaluated in this study, 51% aspirated on the video fluoroscopic evaluation.
Food products, such as peanuts and other nuts, raisins, and beans are the most common objects aspirated by children, but they also aspirate small components of toys, coins, and other objects.