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There is clear, significant demand for Aspiring Minds' services across India's 20,000 colleges and 2-3 million annual graduates," said Jayant Sinha, Omidyar Network.
While the pretense of holiness was repressed, a new definition of "true" sanctity, based on the recognition of heroic virtues, established itself and came to replace the mystic-charismatic model on which aspiring saints fashioned their own experience of visions, revelations, ecstasy, and direct relationship with the divine.
Aspiring Saints now culminates nearly two decades of research on contested female holiness, especially in Venice, and Schutte's essays and translations over the years have laid out many of the themes treated at length in it.
Debate rages over the merits of various pedagogical strategies, and even teacher educators and certification proponents have a hard time defining a clear set of concrete skills that makes for a good teacher, Yet most aspiring teachers are still forced to run a gauntlet of courses, requirements, and procedures created by accredited training programs that vary dramatically in quality.
The first suggestion of a link between Reye's syndrome and aspiring came in late 1981, when three state health departments reported increased incidence of Reye's syndrome among children and teenagers who had taken aspiring for chicken pox and flux (SN: 6/19/82, p.