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The removal of items from one place to another, such as carrying things away illegally.

Asportation is one of the elements required to establish the crime of Larceny. In order to prove that asportation has occurred, it is not necessary to show that the goods were moved a substantial distance, but only that they were moved.

Asportation was one of the elements necessary to establish common-law Kidnapping, and in many states it remains as an element of statutory kidnapping.


noun criminal ablation, criminal reeotion, criminal removement, criminal transmission, felonious abreption, felonious removal, felooious transference, felonious translocation, furtive removal, illegal amotion, illegal carriage, illegal subduccion, illegal transmittance, illegal transplantation, illegal transshipment, wrongful displacement, wrongful removal, wrongful transfer
Associated concepts: burglary, conversion and trover, robbery


carrying away to steal. See, for Scotland, THEFT.

ASPORTATION. The act of carrying a thing away; the removing a thing from one place to another. Vide Carrying away; Taking.

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third floor, Clinton, shoplifting by asportation, dismissed upon payment of $100 in court costs; operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, dismissed upon payment of $100 in court costs.
104, Clinton, breaking and entering for a misdemeanor, guilty, 55 days in the House of Correction, credit for 55 days; trespassing, dismissed; two counts of shoplifting by asportation, guilty, filed; vandalizing property, dismissed.
and charged with shoplifting by asportation of merchandise, possession of burglarious tools and personal identity fraud.
two counts of shoplifting by asportation of merchandise and malicious/wanton damage.
basement, Worcester, shoplifting by asportation, guilty, $150 fine (community service allowed), $50 victim witness assessment.