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The assailant shot the businessman thrice, according to investigator Police Officer 3 Joseph Villafranca of the Manila Police District (MPD) Station 11.
They said in the first incident, two masked assailants riding a motorbike arrived at an electronics shop near the office of the Pipri union council within the remit of the Bin Qasim police station.
A businessman, who did not want to be identified, said he wondered why assailants were able to commit the crimes with impunity when Mindanao was supposed to be under martial law.
The Israeli army said that the assailant approached the gate of the settlement, where he stabbed a security guard in the hand.
Then as the person at the reception takes the papers from the assailant, the latter suddenly squirts pepper-spray into the person's eyes and ducks under a turnstile to run inside the office.
Second, assuming you had time to draw your gun and shoot the assailant twice in the chest, his forward momentum will likely enable him to reach you with his weapon.
Summary: An unknown assailant opened fire at a soldier in north Lebanon Saturday, wounding the serviceman and a passerby.
An Arab assailant shot and wounded several people in Jerusalem on Sunday and was then killed by Israeli police, a police spokeswoman said.
XL Catlin today announced it has updated the wording of its Active Assailant coverage to include the use of road vehicles in an attack.
Haaretz reported that the [alleged] Palestinian assailant got out of a vehicle at the junction, approached a group of reserve soldiers who were stationed there, and stabbed one of them in the face and hand.
The court's police opened fire at the assailant killing him on the spot.
According to the union of Jumhuri hospital, doctor Lutfi Al-Marfadi, originally from Hadramout governorate, was savagely beaten by the assailant, who had come to the hospital with another man who needed treatment for an eye injury.