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From his dress and arms, Wamba would have conjectured him to be one of those outlaws who had just assailed his master; but, besides that he wore no mask, the glittering baldric across his shoulder, with the rich bugle-horn which it supported, as well as the calm and commanding expression of his voice and manner, made him, notwithstanding the twilight, recognise Locksley the yeoman, who had been victorious, under such disadvantageous circumstances, in the contest for the prize of archery.
In the same hut was the scent spoor of the Belgian, too, and as both these assailed the nostrils of the ape-man, mingling one with the other, a jealous rage leaped and burned within him, though his memory held before the mirror of recollection no image of the she to which he had attached his desire.
As the two worked over the stricken man their ears were suddenly assailed by a wild commotion from the direction of the workshop.
The petitioners argued that the assailed provisions are unconstitutional for violating the equal protection clause considering that land-based OFWs are not similarly situated with local employees by nature of their employment.
Medialdea assailed Tulfo's column published on July 20 and July 23.
"The issue as to the propriety of remanding this case to the Office of the Ombudsman for reinvestigation was already sufficiently passed upon by the court in its assailed resolution," the court ruled.
Petitioners also called on the Court to strike down the assailed measure for violating the 1987 Constitution and existing laws.
Saying that he has documented years of barangay inaction towards garbage, Blatchley assailed the barangay captain for not doing her job.
Islamabad -- Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday assailed what he described as the 'moral bankruptcy' of Indian and Israeli political leadership, accusing the incumbent parties of harbouring ambitions to illegally occupy land in the West Bank and Kashmir in defiance of international laws and 'their own constitutions' for votes as both countries head to polls this week.
The complainant assailed that judgment before the Supreme Court of Pakistan and upon the directions of the apex court record of the case was transmitted to Federal Shariat Court for disposal.
Faiz Mahmood of Jamiat Ulema-i-Pakistan (Noorani) had assailed the rejection of nomination papers from NA-137, Kasur.
ISLAMABAD -- The government was assailed by the opposition on Tuesday in the National Assembly for its alleged favourable treatment in distribution of agriculture loans to Punjab.