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There is nothing new about assailing the Brotherhood and distorting its name," said Mohamed Badae, the Supreme Guide of the group banned in Egypt since 1954.
Last year, the regime generated stories about the men every few days and carried on a major campaign assailing the Americans for "kidnapping" them, but that campaign has fizzled out.
DENVER (AP) -- The presidents of three colleges are assailing the decision to yank $37.
Although Smith acknowledged he is a partisan who doesn't take crossing party lines lightly, he hinted that he is also uncomfortable with some of the language Republicans have used assailing political opponents on environmental issues in the heat of a campaign.
Assailing the gay rights movement, he added, "I believe it's from the pit of hell itself that this movement is inspired, that it has a satanic anointing.
In assailing (mostly) Republicans and right-wing Christians for betraying both their country and their faith, Carter applies the skills that he's honed all his life in all sorts of pulpits.
The Sharper Image, which unsuccessfully sued CR over its 2003 report, has fired back, assailing the magazine's credibility.
Sachs calls it, is a collection of purely preventable unnatural disasters assailing the world's poorest people.
Red-faced fathers unleash volleys of profanity until the gay employee they're assailing cuts a quick but telling glance at the man's pale and horrified children who are standing close by.
Television can be a visual delight but also an acoustic nightmare, assailing our eardrums from every direction even if we are diverting our gaze from the screen.
Strate wastes few words assailing the council's belief in centralization.
But more conventional organizations are now assailing affirmative action, multiculturalism and immigrant rights.