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To say this, to lift his sword, to shelter himself well behind his buckler, and to assail the Biscayan was the work of an instant, determined as he was to venture all upon a single blow.
The thoughts of his mind, besides, were of the gloomiest dye; and when he glanced at the companion of his drive, he was conscious of some touch of that terror of the law and the law's officers, which may at times assail the most honest.
The Bowman immediately shot out an arrow and said to the Lion: "I send thee my messenger, that from him thou mayest learn what I myself shall be when I assail thee.
It is lucky for the women that the seat of fistycuff war is not the same with them as among men; but though they may seem a little to deviate from their sex, when they go forth to battle, yet I have observed, they never so far forget, as to assail the bosoms of each other; where a few blows would be fatal to most of them.
It is blamed that Mohsin Shah had strong relations with Taliban militants and has remained involve in various assails.
He assails the Catholic Church for opposing his condom solution to HIV/AIDS in Africa.
McGruder's take-no-prisoners strip assails anyone who might possibly diminish American black culture, from disinterested politicians to celebrities catering to the lowest common denominator who cynically kowtow to base African-American stereotypes.
He assails Communist China for the dastardly perfidy to sell Americans so many billions of textiles now that import quotas are gone.
Craig exudes the confidence of one who thoroughly understands the records when, for example, he assails John Foxe's image of Hadleigh as a nursery of true Protestantism, or questions contemporary gentry interpretations of Thetford's stirs.
From the opening page, Killens' protagonist, Ben Ali Lumumba, assails the reader, announcing his pedigree, literary motivations and political perspective.
White House spokesman Ari Fleischer assails as "particularly disturbing" the attack on Kerem Shalom, calling it a blatant assault on Arafat's authority.