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Craig exudes the confidence of one who thoroughly understands the records when, for example, he assails John Foxe's image of Hadleigh as a nursery of true Protestantism, or questions contemporary gentry interpretations of Thetford's stirs.
White House spokesman Ari Fleischer assails as "particularly disturbing" the attack on Kerem Shalom, calling it a blatant assault on Arafat's authority.
And she makes a crucial point when she assails the crude Bushism that you're either with the U.
Fridson assails certain popular misconceptions and explains why they're wrong.
Baraka assails the white concept of gender equality in favor of submissive women; and his suspicions of imperialism under any guise, although he adopts Marxism, ultimately lead him through political twists, fraught with ambiguities, between the expressive and performative modes, coming to rest in what Olaniyan describes as change.
Lalonde contends that "safeguards" are built into her bill to prevent abuse, but Schadenberg assails what he sees as ambiguities and unclear definitions throughout.