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The sources said that Al-Nusra Commander Abu Hamzah Turki was assassinated by unknown raiders near the town of Bireh Armanaz in Northwestern Idlib.
Sadeq Mansur Al-Haidari, the assistant secretary general of the Islah Party in Taiz, was assassinated Tuesday morning after a bomb strapped under his car was detonated.
A security source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "Unidentified gunmen, traveling in an SUV, assassinated at dawn today, a former officer with the rank of major in the forces of / SWAT / in front of his house in the engineers neighborhood, west of Basra.
SIDON, Lebanon: The family of a recently assassinated Fatah official is opposed to the formation of an investigative committee to look into the circumstances of his murder, according to family sources.
In Daraa, an armed terrorist group assassinated a Lieutenant Colonel at the Criminal Security Branch and his driver in Daraa.
On Tuesday, Taseer was assassinated by Qadri, one of his own elite security force protectors, who opened fire on him when he was moving towards his car in Kohsar Market, Islamabad.
Right, the clan in 1938 GOOD SPORT Playing with son Robert in 1965 ROSEMARY Disabled by failed lobotomy JOHN (JFK) Assassinated in Dallas, 1963 ROSE (MOTHER) Died in 1995 aged 104 EUNICE MARY Died yesterday aged 88 BOBBY Assassinated in LA, 1968 JEAN Ex-ambassador - still alive TED Senator battling brain tumour JOE (DAD) Millionaire businessman PATRICIA married actor Peter Lawford JOSEPH PATRICK JR Died in bombing mission, 1944 KATHLEEN Died in plane crash aged 28
But she had no idea her mother would be assassinated.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Two large terrorist groups affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) engaged in fierce clashes in Dara'a province after a terrorist commander was assassinated, dissident-affiliated websites reported on Tuesday.
The Al-Amri bridge and the police station where the two officers were assassinated.
It is worth mentioning that this incident is the second one within the past twenty-four hours, as another employee was assassinated by unknown gunmen yesterday near his home in al- Wehida area east of Mosul.
Summary: The family of assassinated President-elect Bashir Gemayel commemorated what would have been his 66th birthday Sunday.