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The post Trump says he did not discuss assassinating Syria's Assad appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Chandigarh [India], Mar 16 ( ANI ): A court here on Friday held Jagat Singh Tara guilty of assassinating former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh in a bomb explosion that left 17 persons dead.
Terrorists have been following a pattern of assassinating heads and members of national reconciliation committees established to bridge communal gaps and heal divisions spawned by the current crisis.
Israel has for the first time admitted assassinating the deputy of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Abu Jihad, in a raid on the movement's Tunis headquarters in 1988, media reported yesterday.
"Another terror plot was uncovered which aimed at assassinating Saudi ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain Dr Abdulmohsen bin Fahd Al Marek and targeted the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Bahrain - and included a plan to blow up the King Fahad Causeway, which connects the two kingdoms," he said.
Last Thursday, Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned Livia Leu Agosti, the Swiss ambassador in Tehran who represents the United States as well, to the Foreign Ministry to hear a condemnation of a congressional hearing "on the issue of assassinating Iranian officials," state broadcasting reported.
Summary: Saad Hariri has admitted that his bloc had unfairly rushed to accuse Syria of assassinating his father and that false witnesses had misled the investigation into the 2005 assassination.
Sana'a A total of 10 Yemeni men were arrested in Lahj province, south of Yemen, on suspicion of assassinating an intelligence officer, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.