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Shifting the analytic gaze from the depressed individual to the collective body or assemblage made up of nonhuman and human elements has provided fresh insight into how antidepressants work through a series of collaborative connections.
During the winter of 2006-2007, we collected the remains of stranded mussels from six locations (based on accessibility) in Tuttle Creek Reservoir to represent the native mussel assemblage within the reservoir.
Interestingly, both humans and dogs of this city displayed only assemblage A (subgenotypes A1 and A2).
Although an ecosystem-based approach is clearly relevant for Puget Sound, there is a paucity of published information on how the demersal fishes of Puget Sound use different habitats, and thus a need for studies on assemblage structure.
Results--Confident identification of the Turtle Butte Assemblage carnivores to the species level is difficult because the fossil specimens are fragmentary or isolated teeth.
KEY WORDS: macroalgae, benthic assemblages, assemblage structure, sea urchins, sedimentation, depth strata
Prey to those becomings which arise from the line of the Outside, subjected to those connections and interactions which compose or decompose its relationships, augmenting or diminishing its power to act, every assemblage is to be understood in terms of a map drawn from a condition of permanent dynamism.
Though significant differences in uptake rate were not apparent between locations in treatment 2, the phytoplankton assemblage in the cold arm appeared to exhibit a lower uptake rate than warm arm or forebay assemblages.
In addition, the Mount Alexina 1 assemblage indicates a slightly more intensive utilisation of raw materials through greater levels of core reduction.
Following this introduction, the second section introduces the project and explores the growing influence and limits of assemblage theory in geography and participatory research.
The borrower plans to build high-end residential units above ground-floor retail space on the assemblage, in a development totaling approximately 37,278 gross square feet.