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MNI determines the smallest number of individuals needed to account for the physical remains that are recovered in an assemblage (Lyman 1994; Reitz & Wing 2008).
The property geology contains the contact between Confederation and Balmer Assemblage rock units as well as folded mafic and ultramafic volcanics with mafic and felsic intrusives also present.
Shay Zach brokered the sale of the assemblage while with Epic Commercial Realty, representing both Rybak and seller, Sean Lavin.
Assemblage 1 is marked by Mn-Fe carbonate + sphalerite + pyrite + arsenopyrite + chalcopyrite [+ or -] galena.
This essay performs an assemblage criticism, which maps constellations of assemblages in argumentative contexts to determine how actors create assemblages for rhetorical force.
The story of our own case study begins back in the 1980s and 1990s, before human geography widely engaged participatory research (IBG-RGS Participatory geographies Research Group, 2006; Kesby, 2007; Kindon et al, 2007; Kinpaisby, 2008), before our present interest in assemblage theory, and instead with debates about power and participation prevalent at that time.
As some of this book's contributors mention, 'assemblage' was first posited by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari in A thousand plateaus (1987), and often referred to by scholars such as Manuel DeLanda, Arturo Escobar and Michael Osterweil.
I introduced the art of "assemblage" to the class, showing students several, and highlighting the similarities and differences between collage and assemblage.
We used historical (1967-1970) seasonal fish assemblage data (total, 11 samples; Appendix) from Hubbs and Wauer (1973) to examine the long-term changes in seasonal fish assemblages in Tornillo Creek.
The Shannon-Wiener index expresses the difficulty of predicting to which species will belong the next specimen obtained in an assemblage and its mathematical expression is H'=-[SIGMA][p.sub.i](x)ln[p.sub.i], where [p.sub.i] =[n.sub.i]/n, being n: number of specimens of each species, and n: total number of specimens (Hammer and Harper, 2006).
It is our great honor to announce the publication of this special issue on the theme "Creative Assemblages." This special issue was initiated by The First International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference, which was hosted by the English Department at Tamkang University last summer (June 2013).
Then, French philosopher Gilles Deleuze's assemblage concept, or "assemblage thinking," is introduced for its utility in moving analytic attention away from the depressed individual onto the collective body or assemblage, which is composed of both nonhuman and human elements.