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I believe our target is to assemble up to 10,000 generators [in the UAE] within the next three to four years."
Sunday, November 3 Meltham 10.15-10.30am: following morning service at Parish Church Wednesday, November 6 Dewsbury 10.45am: Assemble at Dewsbury Town Hall to process to Longcauseway for Dedication of Garden of Remembrance.
Clint Pargmann, Assemble Systems' president, speaks positively about the agreement.
Dunston: Assemble at St Nicholas Church at 10an for a wreath-laying ceremony at the War Memorial, Dunston.
Younger students tend to do assemble from side to side.
/ Blu Dot's stacking files are easy to assemble. / Legare's Juvenile Jigsaw line is tool-free.
She also coordinated an activity at a local inner-city elementary school and helped a second-grade class of 20 students who attend a school that has a healthy eating program to assemble snack boxes.
"When you assemble the best, most intelligent and most experienced minds in the business and equip them with the tools they need to compete effectively, the results are the dominant market share position we have achieved in New Jersey."
To cope with the complexities of repetitive DNA elements and to assemble the thousand-base reads in the correct long-range order across the genome, current genomic sequencing methods involve a variety of additional strategies, such as the sequencing of both ends of cloned DNA fragments, use of libraries of cloned fragments of different lengths, incorporation of map information, achievement of substantial redundancy (multiple reads of each nucleotide from overlapping fragments) and application of sophisticated assembly algorithms to align and filter the read information.
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is now pushing police to raid record stores that sell DJ mixes--CDs assembled by disc jockeys to advertise their ability to assemble other people's tracks into a danceable set.
We've come up with a table-mounted fixture that lets you assemble the wheel without using line-up bolts to draw the wheel halves together.
The only way to learn proactively from a closing such as Tuxedo Park is to assemble an experienced post-mortem task force of researchers, marketers, economists, and business managers as one would assemble a multi-faceted team of experts to dissect a plane crash.