assemble parts

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Paisley could be chosen as an engineering hub to assemble parts for the extended Heathrow Airport.
subject to the fulfillment of the first part of the public contract is the delivery of the following new devices: placement machine (1 pc) - a technology that allows to assemble parts obga.
The funds will be used to construct a 400,000 square foot building on the grounds of Lansing Grand River that will be used to sequence and assemble parts, making the plant's operations more flexible.
The factories employ mainly disabled people who make components and assemble parts for car manufacturers.
One way to address this challenge is to assemble parts directly out of the mold, when they're still warm.
You can assemble parts on the computer before you spend money on manufacturing and materials."
During WWII, she helped to assemble parts for Navy ships in Portland, ME, and then worked in the electronics division for Raytheon Co.
Burrs or delamination can be created both in the exit holes and within the laminate stacks and as a result, aircraft manufacturers often assemble parts, drill holes, disassemble parts, clean, and deburr the holes, then re-assemble them prior to final fastening.
The Mexico plant will initially assemble parts shipped from Japan and other countries.
The South Wales factory would largely assemble parts brought in from other specialist suppliers .
"QEMs assemble parts, and do it very well," says Walker.
This article looks at three foundries that assemble parts for their customers - how and why they entered the arena, the steps in preparing for it and how they have made this value-added service a valuable asset to their operations and marketability - and may help your foundry in making a decision as to whether or not subassembly has a place in your facility.