assemble the facts

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He said the government was trying to assemble the facts and find out what happened.
It has apparently been a tough task to assemble the facts.
People would be invited to come forward and share their knowledge and experiences, not for purposes of constructing criminal indictments, but to assemble the facts," said Leahy, a frequent Bush critic.
What I will say is before we take action, as a city we will assemble the facts, the data and the documentation so when we do proceed forward we will be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that fraud is involved.
Ackroyd has undoubtedly done his best to assemble the facts, to tell them well, and to consider what they signify while (for the most part) resisting the urge merely to speculate.
Ackroyd has done his best to assemble the facts and to tell them well.
No matter how you look at diversity, or how you assemble the facts, it is difficult to argue that historically women, people of color and other diverse groups have not always had the same opportunities to gain a college degree and to enter a career where they can reach the elite levels in an organization.
to assemble the facts that show that from the start the Iraq war demanded deception.
Now even in daytime this kind of televisual bombshell would have created mild confusion; in the crusty-eyed bowels of nocturnal gloom, I have to admit to requiring several moments to assemble the facts of the situation into an understandable order.
Before anyone could unearth and assemble the facts, most U.
The singer's clandestine excursions to Newark and New York night clubs and her triumph at the Apollo Theater's Amateur Night contest are detailed, but here and throughout the book the author makes no real attempt to do much more than assemble the facts.