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The idea of molecular assemblers, that are able to build molecules, has already been proposed in 1986 by K.
Vehicle assemblers participating in the program receive fiscal support of up to P9 billion from the government in exchange for local production of 200,000 units in a span of six years of their enrolled units.
Awarded an IPC-1791 QML for designers and assemblers is Science Applications International (SAIC), Indianapolis, IN.
Indus Motor Company, the local assembler of Toyota cars, began an awareness campaign against the menace of 'own money' last November, and announced that it had cancelled more than 1,100 advance bookings by 'dodgy corporates' as well as individual customers after conducting a close examination of the details provided at the time of booking of the car.
The LDRA tool suite is the only commercially available software solution able to qualify assembler code for certification.
The car assemblers make obsolete models and sell them at an exorbitant price.
'An endorsement from the Board of Investments to the participating car assemblers for the CARS Program will be a big factor in accomplishing the objectives of PPMA in developing and boosting local production.
A complete CAD data package permits the assembler to review all the components on a board.
has recently sent its sales people to pitch for contracts at Taiwan's LED assemblers, luring them with undercutting prices against Taiwanese suppliers' offers.
Migrating low-level Assembler code to the more flexible COBOL programming language lowers annual software maintenance fees, improves application portability and flexibility, and helps businesses respond quickly to market changes.
In the first category the supplier develops a component entirely from concept to manufacturing as its standard product, and the assembler simply orders the item from the supplier's catalogue (Clark and Fujimoto, 1991:132).
Really, according to Article 12, an assembler is not a medical device manufacturer per se, as the CE marking is not associated with them.

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