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Once you know a bit of Assembly language, you can start playing around with your own code.
The syllabus of Computer Organization and Assembly Language, required for MCA students, was used for experimental study.
The goals of this work are twofold: first, to define a type system for a conventional assembly language and to prove its soundness, and, second, to demonstrate the expressiveness of the resulting language by showing how to automatically compile a high-level language to type-correct assembly code.
This comprehensive work on assembly language programming of the Amtel AVR microcontroller provides detailed information for computer science students on the core functions of this popular and easy-to-use hardware.
offers a supplemental text to instructors who want to give students hands-on experience with the Intel 80x86 architecture or use the book as a stand-alone text for an assembly language course.
0 applications are built, how the runtime functions, and how to program in IL assembly language (ILAsm).
Two chapters describe software tools such as disassemblers, object code dump, debuggers, and HLL compiler options that display assembly language code as ways of analyzing compiler output.
Intended for C and C++ programmers, this book introduces assembly language instructions, explains how compilers create assembly language routines from C and C++ programs, and shows how the generated assembly language routines can be spruced up to increase the performance of an application.

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