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Purdy, assenting but critical, "but for that mole she had a-growin' by her left eyebrow.
They had kept silent simply because they thought that they were not called to say anything; and when I told them that I intended to run into Singapore and that the best chance for the ship and the men was in the efforts all of us, sick and well, must make to get her along out of this, I re- ceived the encouragement of a low assenting mur- mur and of a louder voice exclaiming: "Surely there is a way out of this blamed hole.
and a score or two hailed, with assenting cries of 'Hear, hear
Young John assenting, Pancks dealt him his card, and consulted his hand again.
She had a way of not assenting at once to the observations current in good society, and of saying that she didn't know whether those observations were true or not, which gave her an air of
Mr Swiveller, assenting, armed himself with his stool and the large ruler, and repaired with his employer to the scene of action, where Miss Brass was already ringing a hand-bell with all her might, and yet without producing the smallest effect upon their mysterious lodger.
So, since 1931, when the Statute of Westminster recognised the equality of Canada, and the other realms, with the United Kingdom, there has been no example of the Canadian Parliament assenting to an act of the United Kingdom Parliament affecting the Crown for Canada, without it having to become part of Canadian law.