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'We demand President Duterte to assert and uphold the favorable ruling of the international tribunal in The Hague which recognized the exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea as President Xi Jinping of China arrives in the Philippines,' Tinio said in a statement.
The primary outcome in ASSERT was the incidence of ischemic stroke or systemic embolism.
The events, the Foundation asserted in its legal complaint, favored religion by singling out faith-based groups as "particularly worthy of federal funding because of their religious orientation." It also argued that the federal government had sent "messages to non-adherents of religious belief that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community, and the defendants send an accompanying message to adherents of religious belief that they are insiders, favored members of the political community."
They rode the crest of popular movements in their countries that have forcefully asserted their humanity in the face of globalization's economic juggernaut: campaigns to reclaim water rights in Bolivia, land occupations of Brazilian farmers to transform idle lands into productive farms, fighting the encroachment of unwanted development projects by indigenous communities in Honduras and many more efforts by ordinary people who, taken as a whole, have sparked a global movement for change.
Age differences between partners also contribute to power disparity and young people's inability to assert their sexual rights.
Asked why he had given so much weight to the testimony of a not-very-intelligent convicted criminal, Machtan replies, "You have to take into account that all people surrounding Hitler or belonging to his entourage were, in some ways, criminals." That is certainly true--but it is also one of the reasons it is so hard to assert anything with any confidence about Hitler's private life.
Where business is purposefully being transacted, courts might try to assert jurisdiction.
at 361-62.(1) The same is true for asserted privacy interests of third parties.
Consider further, whether the theoretical framework is atomic physics (e=[mc.sup.2]), field theory, or quantum physics: all three assert that matter--that all things--are essentially energy.
The first, relating to the actual use of deadly force, asserts that because an officer's decision to use deadly force violated the department's policy the action constitutes an unreasonable use of force under the Fourth Amendment.
The regulations would also assert the State's right to tax certain trademark holding corporations receiving licensing fees for the use of such trade names in New Jersey.
This, then, is Lerner's starting point: How did women overcome these patriarchal metaphors, break out of "the cage of restraints," and assert their equality?