assert the opposite

See: contradict
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Some, however, assert the opposite; that Creophylus wrote the poem, and that Homer lent his name in return for his entertainment.
The OUT campaigners talk about sovereignty, the billions paid in contributions to the EU, the control of our borders and little else; whatever claims are made by the IN campaign they respond to with a knee-jerk reaction and then assert the opposite.
by one reviewer as looking like a Werther's Original granddad The value of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats in our national life lies precisely in our ability to find out what they are saying on any issue, so that we may then confidently assert the opposite.
It is precisely because of this traditional supersessionist teaching--that "the new covenant in Christ" replaced and abrogated "the old covenant" between God and the Jewish people as a means of salvation--that we now have an obligation as Christian theologians to assert the opposite: the Jews are in "a saving covenant with God." Jews do not have to express it this way.