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(24) See also the Reklos and Davorlis v Greece--1234/05 [2009] ECHR 200 (15 January 2009) appeal from Greece, where the European Court of Human Rights recognised a baby's right to privacy and dignity, which were assertable by his parents and protected him from having his photo taken without his parent's consent.
(43) The court somewhat snidely added that "[t]he Ninth Amendment, through its 'penumbra' or otherwise, embodies no legally assertable right to a healthful environment."
In other words, defendants have shown no prejudice, and therefore the violation of the Vienna Convention is of no avail to them, even if the violation is assertable by an individual detained person." [Slip op.
The conditional A[right arrow]C is all the more assertable as the part of A that is common with C (i.e.
The court held that to recognize a legal right of a fetus to begin life with a sound mind and body assertable against a mother would make a pregnant woman the guarantor of the mind and body of her child at birth.
For example, though the content of an assertion of "The bank is open on Saturdays" may be context-sensitive in various other ways, the conditions under which it is true (as opposed to assertable) clearly don't depend at all on what epistemic standards are in play when the sentence is asserted.
This notion accommodates the observations that antecedents may be assertable and may indeed be true, but that they are not presented as a belief that the speaker holds at the moment of speech.
But it does so not through directly protecting a right on the part of states or other collectivities, assertable by them against the federal government, to arm the populace as they see fit.