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So not all instances of the T-schema are assertable in the relevant sense.
Except for international law governing the relationship among nation-states (and other entities recognized as having assertable rights in international law), the political state is the primary source for positive law and the constitutional structure of law in modern society.
The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), acting in its capacity as receiver or conservator for an insolvent institution, succeeds to all claims assertable by the institution, its stockholders, directors, or officers, including any claims for tortious mismanagement against the managers of the institution.
That is, given that a discourse is faithfully modelled using Heyting's semantics for the logical constants, then if a statement S is not warrantedly assertable, its negation S is.
Supreme Court has taken a more restrictive view regarding rights and liberties assertable against the states under the federal constitution, "no longer deem[ing] itself the keeper of the nation's conscience.