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Monsieur Surville felt that he had asserted himself; he looked round invitingly at Mercy.
Even at that final moment the Frenchman asserted himself.
It has often been asserted that the word "impossible" in not a French one.
He asserted that the preceding night had been the worst that ever the malice of fate had allotted him; he would not for two silver marks again go through what he had endured while moon-stricken; but now, however, it was over.
I have asserted, that true honour and true virtue are almost synonymous terms, and they are both founded on the unalterable rule of right, and the eternal fitness of things; to which an untruth being absolutely repugnant and contrary, it is certain that true honour cannot support an untruth.
Her superiority being thoroughly asserted, that lady soon desisted likewise, and fell into a quiet melancholy.
prevailed in a patent litigation involving Exergen Corporation after a federal court held the patent claims asserted by Exergen to be invalid.
The four-page legal complaint asserted that the creation of faith-based offices violated the First Amendment and that these offices spawned further violations by holding a series of events aimed at helping religious groups win tax support.
The IRS had not asserted a deficiency against him, which is a prerequisite for Tax Court review under Sec.
The collaboration, although intended to bring harmony to a discordant orchestra of voices and opinions, is "unprecedented in its scale and bureaucratic complexity," the Christian Science Monitor asserted in its 22 December 2004 edition.
The richness of black culture or any other minority culture is seldom asserted, and assimilation is often portrayed as one of the only tangible routes to social inclusion.
The logistics of moving military hospitals to the field "had to change," Snyder asserted, noting some older field hospitals needed more than 30 acres of space and took as long as two weeks to set up.