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Speaking of regional stability, Qureshi asserted that Pakistan wants peace in the region and wants to see a resolution of the Afghan conflict.
A dissent stated that the phrase "against whom a deficiency has been asserted" is ambiguous and that the court should have considered the legislative history.
"The states do not have unfettered discretion to authorize withdrawals or diversions that would adversely affect or undermine treaty-guaranteed rights," she asserted.
"This," the admiral asserted. "will be the 'next big thing" in military medicine.
"Best of all, as the economy continues to gain momentum, buying real estate in the Hamptons will be an increasingly attractive option for growing numbers of consumers and investors alike," asserted Ms.
Under the new rules, any medical malpractice lawsuit against a health care provider must be filed in the county where the cause of action occurred, regardless of the number of defendants or other claims asserted.
On the other hand, if the Web site is accepting orders for the product, some courts might view that activity as transacting business, and jurisdiction might be asserted over disputes arising from these transactions.
at 361-62.(1) The same is true for asserted privacy interests of third parties.
And yet, despite all the biblical evidence to the contrary, God is asserted by Christian teaching to be morally perfect, just, and merciful.
"Our view is, if we can make Tijuana stronger, then their per capita income will increase, their consumption in San Diego will increase, our tax base will increase," Ross asserted. "They will need more products.
Freland,(8) the plaintiff asserted that the defendant police officer used deadly force in direct violation of the department's policy.
A top priority asserted by Brown during that interview: "MBDA must have clear and aggressive leadership."