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Such a brushing-off statement notes a provision in the bill that assertedly transgressed the commander-in-chief or foreign affairs powers, and summarizes the general nature of the presidential objection.
Judge Kozinski's second argument is based on the resources assertedly needed to research and process the unpublished opinions if they are citable.
Unlike Colina, here there was no evidence that either driver consciously appreciated the danger, or stopped his car, thus assertedly breaking the chain of causation, and then negligently or nonnegligently ventured forward.
In an earlier related decision, the Review Commission found that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had improperly multiplied the $50,000 penalty by the number of employees assertedly exposed to the urea unit failure, resulting in a proposed penalty of $4,350,000.
Alignment -- Increasing directors' stock ownership assertedly to provide more assurance that directors will act in consonance with shareholders' interests.
Assertedly, business decisions conform with this notion of rationality.
NEW YORK -- New York law firm Milberg LLP announced today that it has obtained a restraining order and writs of execution against several dozen New York financial institutions to block the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars of assets assertedly held on behalf of the Banco Central de la RepAblica Argentina and the Argentine government.
It is doubtful that any exercise of the prerogative power would deserve to be seen as self-help, inasmuch as the latter entails the assertedly lawful remedying of a wrong, whereas the former entails the admittedly extralegal pursuit of some higher end.
at 12-13 ("We do not mean to suggest that what has assertedly become the theorists' 'preferred style of interpretation' has achieved predominance within the judiciary.
had actual knowledge of the assertedly discriminatory nature of
I]f the pharmacist who wishes to provide low cost, and assertedly low