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(35) The second prong of the Katz test is a determination of what "society is prepared to recognize as reasonable." (36) "According to the Court, '[t]he test of legitimacy is not whether the individual chooses to conceal assertedly "private" activity.
(60) To be consistent with the case law, however, his theory must explain why a person sometimes suddenly obtains the attributed political discourse-based autonomy when engaged in politically-themed but assertedly private banter with a boy friend or in private discussions with her supervisor.
4th 160), defendants in a disability access case claimed that they were being sued by "professional" plaintiffs who filed the suit "simply to make a living--unmotivated by any desire to eliminate discrimination or to redress any actual injury." The defendants claimed that the plaintiffs were in the practice of 'shaking down' businesses for assertedly technical violations of disability access laws.
While the market assertedly will henceforth play a greater role, state planning will remain paramount.
In fact, a significant portion of my 1980 article discusses the inevitable losing battle that the Supreme Judicial Court waged with the Supreme Court over publication of assertedly obscene books.
Slippery-Slope Effects: Does the Same Principle that Assertedly
"Neither the FTC nor defendants could identify a case in which the merging parties purported to 'fix' an assertedly problematic merger by retaining (rather than divesting) assets." (90) Seizing upon that shallow assertion, the court ignored the potential judicial precedents previously discussed, as well as the statutory and historical guidance discussed infra, and jumped to the conclusion that it was "[o]perating on what appear[ed] to be a clear slate[.]" (91) Leveraging its shallow and somewhat derelict approach, the court, without any meaningful analysis or discussion, concluded that
(26) On the issues of the timing and valuation of the gift, the majority opinion stated: "The taxable gift that assertedly results from an interest-free demand loan is the value of receiving and using the money without incurring a corresponding obligation to pay interest along with the loan's repayment.
strongly protected, assertedly fundamental individual rights, provides a
an assertedly commonplace fact pattern in which a downstream user (or
(6) Beginning in 1989 and continuing through the present, hundreds of American women have been charged with, and convicted of, crimes based on their use of alcohol and other drugs while pregnant, as well as other assertedly "selfish" conduct, such as refusing a Caesarean section.