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The results in both Graham and Miller are expressly justified by reference to the special qualities of youth the "lack of maturity" and "underdeveloped sense of responsibility," (93) the increased susceptibility to peer pressure, and the unformed state of their characters (94) --all assertedly diminishing a juvenile's moral culpability for crime.
On the issues of the timing and valuation of the gift, the majority opinion stated: "The taxable gift that assertedly results from an interest-free demand loan is the value of receiving and using the money without incurring a corresponding obligation to pay interest along with the loan's repayment.
at 445 (emphasis added), with the historic practice of "relegat[ing] racial minorities to separate and assertedly equivalent public facilities and institutions," id.
strongly protected, assertedly fundamental individual rights, provides a
an assertedly commonplace fact pattern in which a downstream user (or
6) Beginning in 1989 and continuing through the present, hundreds of American women have been charged with, and convicted of, crimes based on their use of alcohol and other drugs while pregnant, as well as other assertedly "selfish" conduct, such as refusing a Caesarean section.
Assertedly, by recognizing virtual property rights, Linden would distinguish itself from other virtual worlds available on the Internet and thus increase participation in Second Life (ibid.
It assertedly stands as a token for the recognition of the need to institutionalize the participation of diffuse groups in the political process, or of the increasing role of functional representation in the post-industrial western societal milieu.
Though not assertedly queer, these films do ilustrate how sex that transcends gender and social protocol can lead to a river and that river runs deep.
In applying the three-part test, a court considers whether "the 'function, way, or result' of the assertedly substitute structure is substantially different from that described by the claim limiation.
The President's supporters would treat Congress' use of conditions, not cutoffs, as a reversion to what they would deem President-doubting, congressional-micromanaging syndromes after the Vietnam War and Iran-Contra, assertedly (23) out of place (24) in the post-9/ll world.