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Note that the asserter might be the client or another party, in which case four parties are involved
Eventually it discovers its own impotence, as Gwendolen does when she marries Grandcourt, the supreme asserter.
Prevalent modes of interacting include Persuader, Relater, and Asserter.
I will use the term "direct deception" ("lying" in the vernacular) to include any assertion of a proposition that the asserter does not believe, with the intention of causing someone to believe that the proposition is true.
Primarily a spiritual leader, he showed himself to be a tireless defender of the Apostolic Patrimony; a dedicated promoter of the cult of Our Lady (in 1708 he raised the feast of the Immaculate Conception to one of universal obligation); a vigorous asserter of Catholic orthodoxy against Jansenism (in 1713 he condemned Quesnel's errors in the bull Unigenitus Dei Filius); and a generous patron of scholarship and the arts, as the collections of Cassiano dal Pozzo and J.
And if the lady remains unresponsive, this man (the asserter of life and pleasure), like Echo, will only pine away into a voice with neither a body nor a body's physical expression.