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For as he argues in On Liberty, in most disputes "the conflicting doctrines, instead of being one true and the other false, share the truth between them," and thus "so long as popular truth is one-sided, it is more desirable than otherwise that unpopular truth should have one-sided asserters too;' since these at least serve to "compel reluctant attention to the fragment of wisdom which they proclaim as if it were the whole.
First, the term 'dualism' has been taken in very different ways both by its asserters and its critics; second, the 'Orphic-Pythagorean' account of soul was often identified with the body-soul dualism presented in Plato's 'middle' dialogues, mainly in the Phaedo.
Let us now proceed to the famous passage in Chapter 86, to which most of the asserters of dualistic reading refer.
A common theme among the complainers,(2) pleaders and asserters is the demise of "modernism," and its epistemological and methodological counter-part, "positivism.
This paper presents an answer to the question how propositions whose truth is relativized to times, places, asserters, or assessers can, despite their relativity, be used to represent the world.
While highlighting that there can be no cookie-cutter approach to building responsible competitiveness, the clusters do allow us to speculate as to what they represent: starters, compliers, asserters, and innovators.