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1), shows the distribution of assertional and presuppositional uses (Section 3.
1), and they have both assertional and presuppositional uses (see Section 3.
It is shown that Goemai speakers can resort to two different uses under this condition: an assertional use and a presuppositional use.
In the assertional use, speakers shift to nondefault locative verbs in order to highlight certain aspects of (i) the current position of the Figure or (ii) the current Ground.
The preceding section has shown that Goemai speakers--like speakers of other postural-type languages--can use the locative verbs in assertional and presuppositional ways.
In its assertional use, its semantic generality would--in theory--allow it to replace all postural verbs in all their occurrences.
Such a focus would normally trigger the assertional use of posturals (see Section 3.
Furthermore, positional verbs are always used in an assertional way, i.