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According to Fruth, patent trolls thrive because they can make generic patent assertions way more cheaply than companies can respond.
According to one review, "BugScope takes an existing regression suite and test bench, and automatically generates insightful assertions .
It is understood that the auditors will test five assertions relative to military equipment, so the management assertion process addresses each:
106 has a new system with a slight variation of the five assertions and a sixth labeled "classification" (or "classification and understandability").
Controls over initiating, recording, processing and reporting significant account balances, classes of transactions and disclosures and related assertions embodied in financial statements.
Verdi and Debussy users can browse and trace OpenVera Assertions (OVA) source code along with HDL source, and display the results of assertion-based verification tools in both source and waveform views.
It includes more than 14 classes of automatic assertions, as well as a Verilog/ VHDL-like assertion language that allows users to define their own design assertions with minimal learning curve.
In addition, designers can write their system-level assertions and properties using either OpenVera Assertions or Accellera Sugar Assertions.
Examine SAML assertions, as well as two specific SAML Web browser profiles.
Predicting differential reactions to males' versus females' assertions, empathic-assertions, and nonassertions.
The link between germ theory and social hygiene also calls into question one of Tomes' earlier assertions that what made the U.
The typing system gives rules for three kinds of assertions (or judgments):