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Wells Fargo said that, in recent days, there have been assertions that the bank elected to close an account in Florida because of its presumed political viewpoint regarding medical marijuana.
"Dragan Covic's assertions about the Left as a Bosniak structure, accordingly as the SDP as an exclusively Bosniac party, are just as incorrect as the assertions that Croats are not represented in the public life of Tuzla, which was recently decisively denied by Jasmin Imamovic and the SDP Tuzla City Committee', Mikulic said.
According to reporter , Syed Ali Gilani said this while reacting to the assertions recently made by a BJP leader, Surinder Singh, where he had boasted that 'India will be a Hindu Rashtra by 2024'.
But Salami described the assertions as laughable, saying PDP had been completely decimated and have no capacity to make any impact in the governorship election let alone winning.
As the government agency leading the implementation and administration of the Single Touch Payroll, the ATO would like to clarify some misleading assertions made in this commentary.
Businesses that receive demand letters or threats of litigation face the complex task of navigating through a growing patchwork of laws governing patent assertions. For persons or entities sending patent assertion letters, these laws may present a trap for the unwary, creating liability for legitimate enforcement efforts.
In this new law, there are many provisions including: making it unlawful for a person to make a bad-faith assertion of patent infringement and outlining what is considered a bad-faith assertion; allowing targets of bad-faith assertions to recover court fees and possibly damages; and allowing the state attorney general to conduct civil investigations into patent trolls.
The site,, is an "online toolkit" that contains background information designed to bring small business owners quickly up to speed on the NPE business model and patent assertions. The toolkit also includes links to a variety of Web-based services and information resources (including RPX data) that can help NPE targets determine the best response to an assertion letter.
Program assertions have been recognized as a supporting tool during software development, testing, and maintenance [1-5].
Tadeusz Pacholczyk and Edward Furton, both of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, vigorously contest assertions made by Jamie Manson in her March 2-15 column "What an abortifacient is and what it isn't." These assertions include that of maintaining that pregnancy begins with implantation (not fertilization) and that "there is no scientific evidence that any FDA-approved contraceptive is capable of destroying an embryo." To that list Manson on her own authority adds the drug ella.
BugScope is a full-chip assertion synthesis product that leverages design and testbench information to automatically generate assertions and functional coverage properties for progressive and targeted verification of complex designs.
(2) We focus instead on the initial portion of the quotation, interpreting the latter portion to say that two agents have, at a particular time and place, made conflicting assertions about the future, the assertion of each being the denial of the other.