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Yet the feature specification defended in (8) also allows for the possibility of the to-infinitival clause being introduced by a [+assertion] feature in ForceP, that is, as the complement of an assertive predicate.
They don't trust other people to respond positively to their assertive attempts.
H5: Assertive participants would be more likely to report the intention to respond actively than non assertive participants.
Just make sure to carry a large assortment of blue cheeses, from mild to assertive, to show off the cheese's range and to ensure that your customers will enjoy a wide selection of tastes.
Samuel Maceri, DNSc RN, and chairperson of the commission of workplace advocacy for the Tennessee Nurses Association offered some tips on assertive nurse communications during potential conflict situations: "When you call the physician at two a.m.
What Flynn and Ames discovered was that when people were determined to be extremely assertive, the social costs of their behavior -- others' hurt feelings and damaged relationships -- were seen to override the positive aspects of their ability to get the job done.
Different individuals exhibit varying degrees of assertive behavior depending on whether they are in a work, social, academic, recreational or relationship context (5).
Seltzer, who represented HGK in the long-term transaction, noted that property owner Trizec Holdings' assertive tenant retention efforts were instrumental in securing the renewal.
Elizabeth Janice, author of Assert Yourself, says, "Being assertive can help anyone move forward in their career.
"Schools need to be assertive early in terms of identifying and intervening with any child who is showing signs of struggle," says Jane Browning, executive director of the Learning Disabilities Association of America.
"We wanted a stronger, more assertive can that better reflects the character of our beer, our brewery and Lyons, Colorado." Katechis said the cans feature red and blue hues and the Dale's pale Ale oval logo" over a Lyons, Colorado-esque mountain scene.
The British are getting more assertive about complaining but are still more a nation of `diplomats', rather than `dobermans', a new survey claims.