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By being dominating and demanding they think they are being assertive, but in reality they are just acting under irritation and anger.
Sue, Sue, and Ino (1990) examined assertive behavior in a sample of Chinese and Caucasian female students.
This result supports the findings of Joiner, Lovett and Hague (1982) that persons with disabilities are less assertive than non-disabled persons.
Apical Ltd, the world's leader in advanced imaging and video processing technology, today announced that Vertu has licensed Assertive Display technology for its latest luxury smartphones to enhance the quality and outdoor viewability of its 5.
By digitally modelling the way the eye adapts to virtually any ambient light, rather than simply adjusting the display, Assertive Display delivers a seamless viewing experience to the user from a dark room to bright outdoor light.
The article described a lot of behaviour that seemed assertive and dominant to Livingston.
YOU may be worried you're coming across as too assertive but many men enjoy being with smart, confident women.
You will find new assertive strategies abound in How To Stop Backing Down & Start Talking Back.
Youngsters have been making posters which encourage pupils to be assertive and know what to do if they become a victim.
Berry stars as Janie Crawford, an assertive young African-American woman by 1920s standards, and her peripatetic search for love.
And Ford Mondeo owners can hold their heads high in the knowledge that, while their car might not have the same cachet as the Audi TT Quattro, its horn is more than twice as loud and far more assertive.
Caption: "I like strong, assertive, independent, tough women, and they happen to be gay.