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While Joy is skilled in assertiveness, she sometimes reaches her limit.
Challenge unhelpful |beliefs AN unhelpful belief that gets in the way of assertiveness might be "I have to keep other people happy."
Praise should also be given to the finance minister Harris Georgiades, for working constructively with the representatives of the troika and shunning the shows of assertiveness and toughness the demagogues were demanding.
2--For measuring assertiveness of persons studied, Cooper Smith self esteem questionnaire was used.
There is much bibliography about social skills and emotional intelligence in the school setting (Castejon & Perez, 1998; Jimenez & Lopez, 2009; Stephanou, 2011), and, to a lesser extent, about the specific competence of assertiveness (Garrido, Ortega, Escobar & Garcia, 2010).
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left on Wednesday on a visit to Asia and the Pacific to strengthen ties with China's neighbors, which have become increasingly nervous surrounding Beijing's increasing assertiveness. Clinton leaves for the two-week, seven-nation tour designed in part to decrease regional concerns that as China's influence rises, Washington is retreating from its traditional role as the dominant Pacific Rim power.
A moderate amount of assertiveness and warmth may be optimal," said Jia (Jasmine) Hu, lead author of the study.
Assertiveness (confidence) is a necessary condition for the existence of the individual as a subject of activity, capable of independent choice of the direction of professional development, life goals.
As part of the programme, Davis and Harvey, along with Mercy staff, ran workshops on assertiveness, for both the IQNs and new graduates.
Chinese Assertiveness in the South China Sea: Power Sources, Domestic Politics, and Reactive Foreign Policy.