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We measured assertiveness with an instrument developed by Rathus (1973).
A cross-sectional study was conducted, which described the health-promoting lifestyle, assertiveness, and health condition variables of university workers.
People often confuse assertiveness with aggression, imagining it as desk-pounding, in-your-face demands.
Praise should also be given to the finance minister Harris Georgiades, for working constructively with the representatives of the troika and shunning the shows of assertiveness and toughness the demagogues were demanding.
The results showed significant increment in public health, assertiveness and self esteem of girl students in experiment group than witness group.
China's assertiveness over South and East Asia seas drives regional neighbors to US - and the current US-Chinese relationship is not sustainable
While the book is for both men and women, a special chapter is devoted to women and assertiveness.
TOKYO, Nov 27 (KUNA) -- Japan will strengthen the warning and surveillance capabilities of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to ensure security in the air and sea around the country, at a time when China is showing increased assertiveness, Kyodo News Agency reported Wednesday, citing a draft outline of new defense guidelines.