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One of the most effective "coaching/ concrete operational modes" of assisting a client to develop is assertiveness training (Ivey, 1988), therefore trainee counselors need to be able to engage their personality traits with counseling theories and skills, basic communication skills, and also with assertive behaviors.
Culturally sensitive education: Adapting self-oriented assertiveness training to collective minorities.
Assertiveness training (Wolpe & Lazarus, 1966) was used to teach the client to respond to other people's bullying assertively.
Durham County Council's Anti-Bullying Service (ABS) is teaming up with Kidscape to bring assertiveness training to children.
The social skills that were taught to prevent bullying included: assertiveness training, cultural awareness, empathy, respect, and appropriate responses and choices.
Another form of behavioral treatment is assertiveness training.
To give yourself extra confidence, consider going on an assertiveness training course.
Although there's no known cure for stammering, the McGuire Programme teaches breathing techniques to help sufferers control their speech, as well as assertiveness training.
GOVERNMENTFUNDED assertiveness training courses for Muslim women are to be launched in a bid to counter Islamic radicalism, it was revealed today.
Responses to verbal abuse also varied in relation to the nurse's assertiveness, which is a finding suggesting that assertiveness training is a potential strategy for protecting employees against the effects of verbal abuse.
I believe that assertiveness training is a critical component for changing the system.
We run a programme called the Ace Club, which includes confidence- building, assertiveness training, stress management, job- seeking skills and much more.