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26th, with another note to Percival, warning him to show his wife her uncle's letter of invitation, to assert that Marian had gone on before her, and to despatch her to town by the midday train, on the 26th, also.
Hartright attempted to assert that identity, they would publicly expose themselves to the imputation of sustaining a rank deception, they would be distrusted and discredited accordingly, and they would therefore be powerless to place my interests or Percival's secret in jeopardy.
I stand here on a supreme moral elevation, and I loftily assert her accurate performance of her conjugal duties.
Having, therefore, as you assert, so many causes of complaint against him, show your courage in seeking him out, and afford him an opportunity of giving you that satisfaction you seem to ask of every one but of himself.
In a friend-of-the-court brief, Moore's group asserts that the provision in the First Amendment barring laws "respecting an establishment of religion" protects no individual rights--a position that has been adopted by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
The exercises, Brown asserts, forced individuals to bond and develop lasting relationships.
Article 170 asserts UN authority over "commercial" use: this would include all fishing and ocean transport or shipping, which means (as pointed out in other sections of the article) that the UN intends to regulate and lax it
The collaboration is "an idea whose time had come," he asserts.
Such predictions, he asserts, are wrong not because minority growth rates have been assessed incorrectly, but because the definition of who is white is continually changing.
Inspired by earlier studies such as Herbert Aptheker's 1943 American Negro Slave Revolts, the book asserts that antislavery violence united black and white enemies of the system, and lay deep in American History and culture (2).
People who adore building companies will not put up with the restraints and some of the nonsense that comes with being public," asserts Jacobs, 52.
Instead, she asserts that landlords used the reports of rebellions as political weapons to assert their control over nativist organizations that attempted to wrest control from the landlords.