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ASSESSORS, civil law. So called from the word adsidere, which Signifies to be seated with the judge. They were lawyers who were appointed to assist, by their advice, the Roman magistrates, who were generally ignorant of law. being mere military men. Dig. lib. 1, t. 22; Code, lib. 1, t. 51.
     2. In our law an assessor is one who has been legally appointed to value and appraise property, generally. with a view of laying a tax on it.

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The assessors and other defendants claimed that each of the challenged assessments stemmed from a townwide revaluation process conducted by an outside consultant utilizing an established, mass-appraisal methodology described as "a systematic way [of] apprais[ing], on a mass basis, every property in the town as of a common valuation date.
The objective of the ceremony is to encourage the NAVTTC notified 200 assessors, who will be conducting the Competency Based Training (CBT) assessment in months to come.
ALREADY drawing flak for its functioning, the Medical Council of India ( MCI) is struggling to find assessors for inspecting new medical colleges and recommending their approval and disapproval to the Union Health Ministry for the upcoming academic session.
And this time, Town Hall is working more collaboratively than before with the Board of Assessors to select the office's chief professional staff member.
The awards organisers are seeking voluntary assessors for the 2014 awards.
The 'Excellence Assessors Club' aims to further increase the ability of its employees and enable them to analyse and evaluate the internal functionings based on the Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP) criteria.
The seminar was also part of encouraging more UAE nationals to join as assessors in the Dubai Quality Award (DQA) programme and explaining to them the eligibility criteria and processes involved in an assessor's role, said a press release.
These advisers will need to be active members of an accredited Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) Accreditation Scheme for either domestic energy assessors (DEAs) or non-domestic energy assessors (NDEAs) as appropriate.
In its report last month, the assessors congratulated NZNO for successfully changing the focus of the programme late last year from practice nursing to the wider primary health care sector.
Property tax assessors and their methodologies often become the target of this frustration, causing them to become the focus of taxpayer pressure to reduce the burden.
Membership is now down to 64 companies, about a quarter of its peak membership, and the number of qualified assessors is down to 15 from a peak of more than 100.