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ASSEVERATION. The proof which a man gives of the truth of what be says, by appealing to his conscience as a witness. It differs from an oath in this, that by the latter he appeals to God as a witness of the truth of what he says, and invokes him as the avenger of falsehood and perfidy, to punish him if he speak not the truth. Vide Affirmation; Oath; and Merl. Quest. de Droit, mot Serment.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Furthermore, we are undressing these effects between these systems at [??] and [??] to asseverate the relevant relativistic effects that will lead to the neutrino velocity will raise in virtue of relativistic motion in relation to the detectors in Gran Sasso, as we will see.
This extension, the cosmological principle, just asseverates we are not in any sense at a privileged position in our universe, implying that the average large enough scalet spatial properties of the physical universe are the same from point to point at a given cosmological instant.
Capital needs to be invested safely in one's own land, as Adam Smith asseverates: the farmer is, in this sense, an aestheticized version of the businessman and constitutes the building block of a civilized society, i.e., a society made of autonomous individuals for whom "profit is the moral pleasure of work." ("o lucro e o deleite moral do trabalho" [Cidade 173]).
(9) He argues that "Heaven prepares good men with crosses"; and that "no ill can happen to a good man." Especially noteworthy, he asseverates explicitly that "Contraries are not mixed" (my emphasis).
They are thus vehicles by which Hemingway asseverates his own identity as the very template for masculine identity itself--a self-constructive practice, I would add, that shapes all his subsequent novels.
Of avant-garde writers, Gass asseverates, "each wishes to instruct us in the art of narration, the myth-making imagination.
The existence of the prefatory clause in the Second Amendment, Volokh argues, ought to be accorded a modicum of constructive significance, but should not be construed as "something deeply portentous." (64) Volokh asseverates that "the justification clause may aid construction of the operative clause but may not trump the meaning of the operative clause: To the extent the operative clause is ambiguous, the justification clause may inform our interpretation of it, but the justification clause can't take away what the operative clause provides." (65)
asseverates that the United States, guilty of so much collaboration with
He further asseverates that Golyadkin's double is "highly esteemed by right-thinking people," that he is "of a lively and pleasant disposition, is making good progress in his employment as well as among all people of sound judgment, is true to his word and to friendship and does not insult behind their backs those with whom he finds himself on amicable terms to their faces" (224).
But Storr's elision of Krauss and Bois is hardly surprising, given his own avowed hostility to "theory," not to mention "formalism," which he asseverates on page after page of the catalogue.
A survey conducted by Pacific Community Resources (2003) asseverates drug use among teens is higher than ever today.