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ASSEVERATION. The proof which a man gives of the truth of what be says, by appealing to his conscience as a witness. It differs from an oath in this, that by the latter he appeals to God as a witness of the truth of what he says, and invokes him as the avenger of falsehood and perfidy, to punish him if he speak not the truth. Vide Affirmation; Oath; and Merl. Quest. de Droit, mot Serment.

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A case in point, therefore, and as Dekker and Yan Schalkwyk (1990:8) asseverated, the policies failed to utilize a model based on cultural pluralism.
In his address before the Constituent Assembly on 11th August 1947, he vowed to fight corruption, bribery and black marketing, and asseverated not to tolerate jobbery and nepotism.
Echoing, but surprisingly omitting citation to, Flamingo Ranch, the Holiday Pines court asseverated, "In determining the enforceability of an amendment to restrictive covenants, the test is one of reasonableness....
Students repeatedly asseverated the purposes of FA as a procedure that mainly helped them identify their weaknesses and enhance their learning.
Hence, she asseverated, universality is not uniformity.
Related to my previous comments, as asseverated before (see footnote 1), these ones are related to the first version of the mentioned article uploaded to arXiv.
(44) These groups asseverated that prior laws were insufficient to protect individuals from genetic discrimination.
ethnic competition, Powell asseverated that "[i]t is far too late
Mr Ervine, however, has asseverated that he has already sent an epistolatory missive to the paramilitarists in question asking them to desist from any actions which may be construed as recidivistic.
"I think," Watson asseverated, drawing upon his cutting-edge research at the Institute, "that it goes back to Yale's bris, when his petseleh suffered at the hands of a mohel who was a bit of a shlemiel, leaving him with a shlecht shlang, that is, a plotzed putz, or, if you will, a shvachkeit in his shvantz." (Well, maybe so, (6) but I must say that I always thought Watson was himself a certifiable meshugerner.)