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"After serving the PMO assiduously and diligently for over five years and making an indelible contribution to India's growth trajectory, Nripendra Misraji will be embarking on a new phase of his life.
In a 20-page resolution, the PET said: "After assiduously going through the parties' comments and arguments, the Court herein resolves to partially grant the Subject Motion insofar as setting aside the use of fifty percent (50%) threshold in the revision proceedings is concerned." .
Rubik's cubes are not only loved by children but they also inspire grown-ups to study assiduously in an attempt to solve puzzles which some may find impossible, Guinness World Records said.
Summary: The UAE government has been assiduously working to improve the living conditions of the Emiratis.
He worked assiduously for the development of our villages and always championed the rights of our farmers,"Modi tweeted.
MILAN, Italy, Aug 19 (KUNA) -- Out of the continuous activities undertaken by the Kuwait pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, one was held on Wednesday on the effective uses of water treatment processes in Kuwait as an integral component of sustainable development adopted assiduously by the country, said a Kuwaiti official.
In a statement on Saturday, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) appealed to the members of Congress to study the BBL "assiduously" and subject it to debate.
In response, William Hague, who also lost his job as foreign secretary and is now Leader of the House, said Gove being in the toilet demonstrated he was "carrying out his duties very assiduously".
He said: "The Peter O'Toole that I knew and loved was a man of immense charm, grace, intelligence and eloquence who was assiduously professional about the vocation of acting.
The nomadic thought discernible in the works of Edgar Allan Poe (1809-49) subverts American literature through an assiduously satirical and critical mode of fantasy, Tally argues, taking an almost geological meaning of subvert as in to erode foundational assumptions.
In a statement, the journalists said: "Once again, our fraternity mourns the loss of one of its active members in a tragic incident, which comes despite the fact that Afghan journalists have assiduously tried to remain neutral in their coverage under difficult circumstances."
Summary: Not much is known about the personal life of Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari, Iran's cultural attache to Lebanon and the victim of twin suicide bombings outside the Iranian Embassy Tuesday, but those acquainted with the religious figure said he was assiduously devoted to his work.