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BEIRUT: Not much is known about the personal life of Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari, Iran's cultural attache to Lebanon and the victim of twin suicide bombings outside the Iranian Embassy Tuesday, but those acquainted with the religious figure said he was assiduously devoted to his work.
In the past few years, he has been working assiduously to build a formidable social coalition.
But while pondering on where it came from and what it's for, Bob knows that it is his job to protect and care for the moontree, which he does assiduously until a spectacular moonquake removes the tree as mysteriously as it appeared.
Sana'a stands today the largest continuously inhabited city in the world, and one whose unique heritae has been assiduously conserved.
Lancaster's methods of brewing are traditional in every aspect, They assiduously avoid the use of sugars, caramels, chemicals and other modern beer 'improvers', and yet are purposefully contemporary with the marketing of their brands," a G.
True Wales has been assiduously doing just that since Sir Emyr Jones Parry's presentation of the All Wales Convention Report in November 2009.
That Tisha B'Av illustration is still one of the first things I picture when I picture the Holocaust, which in itself later becamewell, I don't want to call it my "favorite genocide," but it was a historical event I assiduously avoided and just as assiduously obsessed over.
Police assiduously searched for his home the entire day canvassing schools, pre-schools and childcare centres in the vicinity, but to no avail.
It was commissioned by the Prime Minister, who will need a nerve he seems not to possess to do the likes of devolving to rural communities the powers over planning decisions he so assiduously removed from them.
Assiduously assembled by Franklin Dick's great-great-granddaughter Gari Carter, Troubled State offers a firsthand view of historical events such as the early Camp Jackson incident (during which he was Captain Lyon's assistant adjutant general).
Forum board member Sir Peter Vardy said: "The forum team has worked assiduously with Emirates and we are delighted to have managed to secure time with Tim in his busy schedule.
Even though home-movie reality series have been done to death, Weintraub, when not busy smirking, was assiduously trying to explain that this venture was somehow unique.