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Yuill Walker has left no tuft of heather unturned to catalogue the Caledonian connection and you cannot challenge his assiduousness.
Raghunandan and Rama (2007) hypothesize and find a positive relationship between the number of audit committee meetings and the number of board meetings, suggesting that the assiduousness of the main board is reflected in the activities of its sub-committees.
Proponents of Reconstructionism have pursued with particular assiduousness the task of bringing democratic values to bear upon Judaism and of bringing Judaic aspirations into American notions of democracy.
Siemerling described as astonishing the assiduousness with which Uhthoff continued his clinical and pathologic-anatomical investigations as well as his extended medical work at the Clinic of Schoeller and his intensive teaching duties.
If I counted the fat content in every pudding with any greater assiduousness I wouldn't have time to go to work.
One of the most puzzling aspects of Canadian Foundation for Children is the assiduousness with which Chief Justice McLachlin avoids recognizing the "best interests of the child" rule as a principle of fundamental justice.
What is striking about these cases is both their relatively minor nature, and the assiduousness with which British officials followed them up.
Such assiduousness may be considered as both a cause and an effect of exchanges with other P2P users as the more comfortable with an application users become, the more likely they are to chat with others (to receive information requests about it, to answer, and to ask further questions in turn).
This assiduousness explains the persistent interest shown by collectors in Harry Cox.
But did this assiduousness translate into better learning?
One of my first priorities was to assemble a team that shared a collective vision for the Company's future and that was highly respected by the Company's clients who expect and deserve assiduousness and excellence," said Hiller.
The focus of public attention on whether the Government 'sexed up' intelligence to lead the country into war has been a serious distraction from a more important debate about the quality of the intelligence gathered before the conflict and the assiduousness of the government analysis of that intelligence.