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The search for such documents requires time, patience, assiduousness, and financial resources.
I also have one of those Fitbit gadgets, though my assiduousness at wearing it and tracking my activity and/or sleep has varied over time.
India Health Awards are charge with its intrusting to the innovative organizations which prepare optimum solutions to serve the nation and accord confers the strategic ideas to the freedom from disease trouble assiduousness.
We continue to entrust ourselves to the Spirit of Truth and to study the matter with assiduousness," he added.
Treading the path of the truth on this [ethical] pattern in commerce is more difficult than assiduousness in [the observance of] the supererogatory devotions (nawafil al-'ibadat) and secluding oneself for them.
And it is this assiduousness of your action, / that makes you accomplish your beauty" (178).
43) Seventeen years later Tong's scandal exposed the organizers' lack of assiduousness in selecting such a young woman to represent the wider Vietnamese American community.
Five composition and operational characteristics have been proposed in the literature: independence, expertise, assiduousness, external commitment of audit committee members, and senior executive director presence on the audit committee (Klien, 2002).
The encomium-narrator permits Theophrastus to make three claims--a wife tends her man's goods as if they were half hers and not all his (1296-1300), treats her husband's sick body with much less assiduousness than his goods (1301-04), and readily cuckolds him (1305-06)--although he warns that Theophrastus has "an hundred thynges worse" (1307) to say.
Warwickshire's batsmen did not match the bowlers' assiduousness as the Bears replied with 139 for six by the close.
Meanwhile, a Foreign Office source told the newspaper: 'Nobody should decry the energy and assiduousness with which the British government and the Metropolitan Police are seeking a solution to the murder of one of their police officers.
Sergei alternately chooses Masha's books and sheet music or observes how she carries out Sonya's lessons, and his presence at these endeavors, whether actual, implied, or merely foreseen, serves as the motivating factor for her assiduousness.