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Peter plots with the assiduousness of the young chess player he once was and sticks to short chapters, reasoning that if most people are like him, they read in bed and are put off by long ones.
The assiduousness of PTV and maintained attempts has resulted in well and creative programming with important alters in appearance style.
It is for this paradoxical combination of assiduousness and velocity that he became a favorite of Impressionist scholarship only belatedly, after 1970, with the rise of sociocultural analysis and the parallel retreat of high-modernist aesthetics, and many of his paintings remain today in private hands.
The search for such documents requires time, patience, assiduousness, and financial resources.
I also have one of those Fitbit gadgets, though my assiduousness at wearing it and tracking my activity and/or sleep has varied over time.
Now it is duration to come together and hearken to the India history.India Health Awards are charge with its intrusting to the innovative organizations which prepare optimum solutions to serve the nation and accord confers the strategic ideas to the freedom from disease trouble assiduousness. To consign the gain, the esteemed guests for the exercise echoed the scan that awards for knowing again services are highly of importance part of every assiduousness, an organizing or single.
"We continue to entrust ourselves to the Spirit of Truth and to study the matter with assiduousness," he added.
In order to establish the efficiency and assiduousness of (G'/G)-expansion method and to extend the range of applicability, further research has been carried out by several researchers.
Treading the path of the truth on this [ethical] pattern in commerce is more difficult than assiduousness in [the observance of] the supererogatory devotions (nawafil al-'ibadat) and secluding oneself for them.
/ And it is this assiduousness of your action, / that makes you accomplish your beauty" (178).
According to pageant cofounder and professor of ethnic studies at San Jose City College, Mai Le Ho, organizers had decided against a bathing-suit competition in this particular pageant at its inception in 1987 because they "wanted to make Miss Tet a role model, an icon of intelligence, wholesomeness and inner as well as outer beauty because at that time there were no role models for young Vietnamese women." (43) Seventeen years later Tong's scandal exposed the organizers' lack of assiduousness in selecting such a young woman to represent the wider Vietnamese American community.
Five composition and operational characteristics have been proposed in the literature: independence, expertise, assiduousness, external commitment of audit committee members, and senior executive director presence on the audit committee (Klien, 2002).