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To transfer to another, as to assign one's right to receive rental income from property to another. To designate for a particular function, as to assign an attorney to defend an indigent in a criminal prosecution. To specify or point out, as to assign errors in a lower court proceeding on a writ of error that is submitted to request a court to reverse the judgment of the lower court.

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1) v. to transfer to another person any asset such as real property or a valuable right such as a contract or promissory note. 2) n. the person (assignee) who receives a piece of property by purchase, gift or by will. It often shows up in contracts and wills.

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1 to transfer (one's right, interest, or title to property) to someone else; see ASSIGNATION.
2 a person to whom property is assigned; an assignee.
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TO ASSIGN, contracts; practice. 1. To make a right over to another; as to assign an estate, an annuity, a bond, &c., over to another. 5 John. Rep: 391. 2. To appoint; as, to appoint a deputy,, &c. Justices are also said to be assigned to keep the peace. 3. To set forth or point out; as, to "assign errors," to show where the error is committed; or to assign false judgment, to show wherein it was unjust. F. N. B. 19.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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