assigned time

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and in respect to his assigned time, as the cause of the alteration of all things, we find that those which did not begin to exist at the same time cease to be at the same time; so that, if anything came into beginning the day before the solstice, it must alter at the same time.
A pre-set audio message will automatically play at any assigned time.
The participating teams have been advised to arrive half an hour before the assigned time.
If she didn't perform on stage during her assigned time or left early she had to pay a fine.
Eystfold Hospital envisages that supplier for assigned time of about 15-25 minutes each ones.
Opting for traditional onboard dining, with an assigned time and table, means you'll spend time with the same people, and can establish friendships.
At this year's Big 5 tradeshow Grupo Astra is introducing its new Ecotok Duo water faucet, which activates on touch and cuts flow after an assigned time period to optimise water efficiencies.
Jagan said he did not protest when he was asked to travel in the van out of respect for the court and with the intention of appearing before the court at the assigned time.
I arrived at 4 pm, my assigned time and learned the service would begin at 5.
The researchers suggest that the network be set up by volunteers who have spectrum analysers to commit to SpecNet for assigned time periods.
They received a physician-administered dose of vaginal gel and were then required to stay in the research facility for their assigned time period, after which specimens were collected by cervicovaginal lavage (CVL) and vaginal swabs.
Offenders must wake up on time, report to work or school at their assigned time, eat during the hour assigned for meals--protocols that are maintained in most secure facilities.