assigned time

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LAHORE -- Pakistan has completed more than 80 per cent work on Kartarpur Corridor including construction of main road, bridge and buildings from zero line to Gurdwara Sahib and it is hoped that the remaining work will be completed before the assigned time, a senior engineer working on the project said.
During hearing, Justice Khosa remarked that the bench would pass an order if no such amendment was brought into NAO during the assigned time frame.
Please note: The Adopt-A-Family program is anonymous, so donations must be delivered at the assigned time; in-need families will be picking up gifts on the same day at a later time.
The tower held these tankers at the runway for 30 minutes past their assigned time while a group of fighters were given priority takeoffs.
They would receive a booking confirmation via message and the ambulance would arrive at the assigned time and location, he informed.
Deputy Commander of the air defence and missile defence army Major General Andrey Prikhodko said during the event that "the new modernised ABM of the Missile Defence System successfully accomplished the task and engaged the simulated target at the assigned time."
At the assigned time on Saturday or Sunday, the volunteers show up, complete their service, and go home.
One year ago, Iran suspended its participation in the minor hajj or umrah, where pilgrims visit the holy sites outside the assigned time of the great hajj.
I was also told that with the fast pass you have a one hour window to complete your ride, but with the disability pass you can go on that ride any time after your assigned time, there is no expiration.
The participating teams have been advised to arrive half an hour before the assigned time. Twelve teams, each from the junior and senior categories, will participate in the finals to be held on Friday, April 24, at the City Amphitheatre.
If she didn't perform on stage during her assigned time or left early she had to pay a fine.
Recruitment emails highlighted the incentives, the survey link, and the randomly assigned time response window.