assigned time

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Tenders are invited for Routine work of operation of departmental bulldozers in three relay shift for coal feeding, coal shifting and other associated work assigned time to time in coal handling plant, parichha by deploying 05 nos.
At the assigned time on Saturday or Sunday, the volunteers show up, complete their service, and go home.
One year ago, Iran suspended its participation in the minor hajj or umrah, where pilgrims visit the holy sites outside the assigned time of the great hajj.
I was also told that with the fast pass you have a one hour window to complete your ride, but with the disability pass you can go on that ride any time after your assigned time, there is no expiration.
The participating teams have been advised to arrive half an hour before the assigned time.
If she didn't perform on stage during her assigned time or left early she had to pay a fine.
Recruitment emails highlighted the incentives, the survey link, and the randomly assigned time response window.
In such a way the time-frequency transformation gets assigned time intervals and the spectrum width.
When my appearance was initially confirmed, a researcher rang me at an assigned time, grilling me for 45 minutes about my showbiz tales and anecdotes.
Attendance is staggered according to assigned time slots.
At this year's Big 5 tradeshow Grupo Astra is introducing its new Ecotok Duo water faucet, which activates on touch and cuts flow after an assigned time period to optimise water efficiencies.
Jagan said he did not protest when he was asked to travel in the van out of respect for the court and with the intention of appearing before the court at the assigned time.