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The number of private taxpayers assigning their income taxes increased by 57,112 people to 743,269 when their total assignment increased by almost Pound 3 million to Pound 30.173 million.
Using the Lexile scale a s a guide for assigning readability measures to the online resources in netTrekker d.i.
State and local law enforcement agencies' investigative resources are limited, which becomes the primary motivation for assigning part-time task force members to the JTTF.
However, assigning a designation to the IS6110 pattern for each isolate was necessary to allow entry of the result into the epidemiologic database.
The Appeals Team Case Leader was then responsible for assigning the issues to the Appeals Officers.
A volunteer editor would be responsible for identifying issues and events, as well as assigning correspondents as needed within the region to research, interview and write articles.
The authors arrived at their conclusions for the Houston case study--that a reasonable estimate of the annual monetary value of reducing ozone concentrations would be between $0.70 and $40 per person per [micro]g/[m.sup.3] of annual average reduction--by assigning subjective probabilities to values derived using both methods.