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ASSIGNOR. One who makes an assignment; one who transfers property to another.
     2. In general the assignor can limit the operation of his assignment, and impose whatever condition he may think proper, but when he makes a general assignment in trust for the use of his creditors, he can impose no condition whatever which will deprive them of any right; 14 Pick. 123; 15 John. 151; 7 Cowen, 735; 5 Cowen, 547 20 John. 442; 2 Pick. 129; nor any condition forbidden by law; as giving preference when the law forbids it.
     3. Ad assignor may legally choose his own trustees. 1 Binn. 514.

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The Supreme Court revisited the issue of assignor estoppel in Scott Paper Co.
The Supreme Court affirmed the DCA, concluding that, only in cases where the public was misled, a legal malpractice cause of action was appropriately assignable to an assignee for the benefit of creditors, as liquidator of the assignor.
Punitive damages in excess of $200 billion ($300 million per assignor and $50 billion for property damage and business interruption).
7,918,838 B2; Hi-ronao Minato, Kaiyo Nakajima and Naoko Takada, assignors to Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime, Japan
7,919,666 B2; Thomas dorzynski, assignors to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.
7,354,646; Shunichi Himori, Kiichi Itoh, Yoshiaki Mori, Yasunari Sugyo and Taisuke Ishii, assignors to Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.
Disposable Absorbent Article With Enhanced Absorption Properties, No 8,017,827; Harald Hermann Hundorf, Bonn, Germany; Holger Beruda, Schwaibach, Germany; Horst Blessing, Cincinnati, OH; Peter Dziezok, Hochheim, Germany; Axel Krause, Erftstadt, Germany; Mattias Schmidt, Idstein, Germany; Lutz, Stelzig, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Assignors to Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH
7,927,323 B2; Satoshi Mizutani, Koichi Yamaki, Kanonji and Yuki Noda, assignors to Uni-Charm Corporation, Kawanoe-shi, Japan.
7,402,722; Donna Hill, Thomas Ward Osborn and Catherine Davis, assignors to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH.
7,384,681; Kirkland Vogt and Jane Armstrong, assignors to Milliken & Company, Spartanburg, SC.
7,175,918; Anil Saraf, Steven Schwartz, Edward Shawl, Michael Bridges and Venki Chandrashekar, assignors to Equistar Chemicals, Houston, TX, and Lyondell Chemical Technology, Greenville, DE.