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ASSIGNOR. One who makes an assignment; one who transfers property to another.
     2. In general the assignor can limit the operation of his assignment, and impose whatever condition he may think proper, but when he makes a general assignment in trust for the use of his creditors, he can impose no condition whatever which will deprive them of any right; 14 Pick. 123; 15 John. 151; 7 Cowen, 735; 5 Cowen, 547 20 John. 442; 2 Pick. 129; nor any condition forbidden by law; as giving preference when the law forbids it.
     3. Ad assignor may legally choose his own trustees. 1 Binn. 514.

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Plaintiff does not have to prove that the assignor was a "qualified person" as part of its prima facie case.
Even with the patent policy concerns underpinning the doctrine, the Supreme Court limited the application of assignor estoppel in Westinghouse.
Significantly, one of the powers of the court is to allow the assignee to operate the business of the assignor for limited periods, if it is in the best interest of the estate to do so.
For the creditors of the assignor corporation, the assignment of assets to the professional assignee may be relief that the prior management is no longer in control and that the "fox is no longer in the hen house.
Aiding and abetting al Qaida; at least $35 billion ($50 million for each assignor plus $4 billion for property damage and business interruption) plus punitive damages.
The international character of an assignment or a receivable is determined by the location of the assignor, the assignee, or the debtor.
of the income producing property [the patents] together with a contingent right to income therefrom, payable, if at all, at some indefinite time in the future in an indeterminate amount, with respect to which the assignor [taxpayer corporation] had no voice or control whatsoever, prevents us from treating the case as one involving the anticipatory assignment of income, which when paid becomes taxable to the assignor.
7,918,837 B2; Leonard Rosenfeld, assignor to McNeil-PPC, Inc.
Plaintiff provided medical treatment to its assignor from April 25 to May 2, 2007 for injuries he allegedly suffered as a result of a motor vehicle accident on April 10, 2007.
The second section reviews the advantages and disadvantages of the solution retained by the Convention, namely, that the law applicable to priorities shall be that of the location of the assignor.
8) When a buyer obtains a trademark that is separated from the goodwill of the assignor, the buyer has taken the symbol of a known quantity, but not the substance that the public expects to find when encountering the mark.