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Observation nudging has also been used to assimilate TAMDAR observations in WRF-ARW.
Separately, stand-alone Assimilate software is available immediately.
How do they want to assimilate in Germany?" But of course mass immigration never wants - or needs to - assimilate.
Is there some obligation to assimilate when living abroad?
Mark Scanlon-Greene opined, "The more LGBT people assimilate into the dominant culture, the less use there will be for drag queens, gay bars, and all the other accoutrements that came with gay liberation.
She points out that multiculturalism can be a conversation about how different cultures become one, or how people do or don't assimilate into the dominant culture in the classroom.
Black students attending pre-dominantly White colleges and universities still feel like "cultural visitors" and many fear that their attempts to assimilate could lead them to lose their cultural identity.
Some consequences of the removal of upper leaves and male inflorescence include better penetration of light into crop cover, lower plant lodging, less competition between male inflorescence and cab over assimilates as well as some responses of the plant to stress such as assimilate remobilization from stem and leaves to grains, higher photosynthesis efficiency of remaining leaves, higher chlorophyll concentration, the activity of PEP carboxylase and so on [4].
In Barrios to Burbs: The Making of the Mexican American Middle Class, she highlights how Mexican Americans from a range of class backgrounds are remaking the middle class--and she highlights the challenges facing high-achieving Mexican Americans as they retain lies to poorer family members or assimilate into white America.
They discussed ways to assimilate graduates and job seekers of the Libyan citizens and employing them in the oil and gas sector according to a being-coordinated strategy.
Majid bin Ali Al-Nu'aimi revealed that the Ministry of Education has assimilated this year 119 students with special needs into government schools namely: 83 mentally incapacitated and Down Syndrome, 7 physical disability, 12 visually-impaired, 15 aural impairment and 2 autistic students under the Ministry's plan to assimilate students with special needs who are capable to study in public schools.
Washington, July 10 (ANI): Lady Gaga wants to 'assimilate pop music into performance art' and make that mainstream in the music industry.