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Some consequences of the removal of upper leaves and male inflorescence include better penetration of light into crop cover, lower plant lodging, less competition between male inflorescence and cab over assimilates as well as some responses of the plant to stress such as assimilate remobilization from stem and leaves to grains, higher photosynthesis efficiency of remaining leaves, higher chlorophyll concentration, the activity of PEP carboxylase and so on [4].
2 : to take in and make part of a larger thing <The body assimilates nutrients in food.>
The findings suggest that companies, auditors and regulators still face an uphill battle to ensure that the marketplace understands and assimilates the information that will be disclosed in Sec.
The promises of freedom, conquest, empire, and transformation offered by the Western seem available to a black man only if he thoroughly assimilates whiteness and abandons any sense of responsibility to other blacks.
His light, occasionally acerbic style assimilates the hard facts and puts a personal face on each account.
The brain then assimilates and changes the thoughts and ideas which it has absorbed and changes them into character and personality.
Then special software called Fusion Agent assimilates the complex inputs so the computer may respond to subtle signals that humans routinely use to communicate with one another.
That was not the case with Contrabajissimo (1987), Sappington's hallmark solo for Holder that assimilates many of his onstage idiosyncracies into a tour de force of theatrical dancing.
Carbon partitioning between sources (organs that export assimilates) and sinks (organs that import assimilates) and its regulation are critical aspects in plant biology and crop production.