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19] reported that moisture stress at pollination stage influenced grain setting of corn by decreasing photosynthesis and decreased grain number per cab row owing to the increase in the number of sterile pollens which were produced due to the deficiency of assimilates.
In the treatment of removal of lower leaves of cab, TGW was decreased due to the deficiency of assimilates.
The participation of stem reserves assimilates in yield at stressful condition significantly was not more of optimum environment.
There fore we can conclude that remobilization and translocation of assimilates have main role in the Grain yield.
Condition cultivars Seri 82, Andalu, Alamout, azar 2 and Soltan 95 had the high efficiency of stem in Trans location of stem presto red assimilates to the grain.
No effects of some indexes can be for the reason of decreasing of potential storing of assimilates Resulted in the source restriction and decreasing of plant density and finally increasing grain weight of each plant under the stressful condition.